Aishwarya Rao

“Mrs. Anand”, the twenty something receptionist in a tight grey skirt, called out - “Your report is here”.

Parvathi drifted across the waiting area and collected her report. As she clumsily tore open the envelope, she noticed the receptionist staring at her nails. Unpainted and uncared for, much like an abandoned property in dispute. Well someone noticed it, she thought to herself.

You see, after seven years of marriage there was hardly a need to dress to impress anyone, especially not her husband. Anand was so extraordinarily busy at work, that he hardly had time for her. Not only that, over the years Parvathi had come to realize that Anand was actually very different to how he came across in society.

At home, he mostly kept to himself, sticking to his video games, books, newspapers, magazines and his latest obsession, the iPad. He was such a big loner, that Anand whined about having guests and hosting dinners at home. During the festive season, Anand would request his boss to send him on a business trip to Hyderabad, just to avoid the drama of gettogethers…

‘Uncared for, much like me’ she murmured, staring at her own nails.

She recalled how it had been before the wedding.  She would spend hours together at a beauty parlour getting her nails done. Her eyebrows were perfect arches, her hair always styled, the oxygen facial would make her face glow and there wasn’t a day she wouldn’t receive compliments for her tasteful outfits and accessories. But now…now things were different. A fine dine meal was a rare occasion, restricted to Anand’s relaxed mood.  Jewellery? What jewellery? Anand had taken to buying indoor and outdoor furniture for birthdays and anniversaries. Movie time was replaced by TED talks on the iPad….and Parvathi couldn’t actually recall the last time they had kissed.

Marriage is over rated she thought to herself as the receptionist yelled out “Mrs. Anand, the doctor will now see you”.