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For most part of my life I have lived in a big and busy a getaway break was something I always looked forward to. And then some remarkable events brought me to Tassie, a pure travel destination, a physical stunner! And ever since I have looked around for 'unique experiences', not featured in Lonely Planet Guides...Here is a list I hope to keep updating for the rest of the year.

Hollybank: Tree Top Adventures
Catch an incredible bird's eye view of the intriguing forests of Tasmania by gliding across treetops. You can enjoy the adrenaline rush of a high-wire, super-fast canopy ride in Hollybank, just twenty minutes from Launceston.

Wynyard: Unforgettable Views
The Wynyard Tulip Festival (September-October) is a chance to walk amidst thousands of blooming tulips and feel like a Bollywood star in a romantic song sequence. If flowers do you no good then explore the bleached sands of Sisters Beach and go swimming in the crystal clear waters of Boat Harbour Beach.

As they say, Tassie is nothing if not for its dazzling wilderness, colonial charm untouched beaches and incredible wine and food. Its urban spirit, fairly recent, will make you wonder if God froze time in Tassie for a small period in time. For a place that accommodates some amazing natural wonders, Tasmania is rather shy...this is my attempt to unearth its dazzling character.
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9 Responses
  1. Asha Says:

    Did u take the tree top ride. Wow, gutsy gal.

    the 3rd photo is simply heavenly. the whole color palette is laid out. what a beauty. Do u find tulip gardens like these in tasmania. I thought they were only in holland.
    btw, why the long break?. I enjoy reading your posts. do post regularly.

  2. Sriram Says:

    I am going to TAS in a few months time. I defty wanna do the Tree top ride. It looks exciting! Thanks for the info :)

    ...and the Tulips reminds me of a song from Anniyan.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    wonderfully drafted post!
    Loved the tree top ride and the breathtaking photographs...hope to experience it in this lifetime:)

    nice blog!

  4. Hi Asha, Thank you for your comments. I really want to keep updating this space...will try and be regular as much as I can.

  5. Hi Sriram,
    Where in Tasmania are you headed to? Is this a business or a pleasure trip? Just asking so that I can recommend a few places for you.

    And yes it looks very much like Anniyan doesn't it?

    Just like Asha, I thought these tulip farms were in Holland (where the movie was shot)

  6. Yes Calvy. Surprisingly Tasmania is not just about enjoying untouched nature. There's tons to do around here.

  7. Yes Calvy. Surprisingly Tasmania is not just about enjoying untouched nature. There's tons to do around here.

  8. Beautiful flowers!

  9. Anonymous Says:


    landed on ur page from twitter! loved ur posts on the lovely places in Australia and i am now looking forward to moving there and visitng these places.. thanks a lot for sharing