Aishwarya Rao
"We all lead boring, ordinary, mundane existences and now and then a bird of paradise comes along, and we all get scared. It scares us because we're not like that, our feathers aren't brilliantly hued in red and green, we're brown and gray and seeing that bird of paradise makes us feel ugly or as though in someway we have failed. Some of us love to watch that bird, and we dream that one day we might be birds of paradise too..."

My most favorite lines from Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach, 1970

Sid's shot of the Blue & Gold Macaw, Jurong Bird Park, Singapore, July 2009
7 Responses
  1. Unknown Says:

    But the macaw isn't one of the birds of paradise, is it?

  2. These are those annoying talking birds at the entrace aren't they? Boy are they loud!!!

  3. Unknown Says:

    To me... when I look at 'birds of paradise' it brings immense joy. It is a same plasure when you hear MS singing, the same pleasure when you bite in to your most favouite dish, it is the same pleasure when you see a child smiling.
    To me.. 'a thing of beauty is a joy for ever'. Gifted are those moments when you meet eye to eye with the beauty. One should behold those moments and 'be a part of it".

  4. @Prasanna - I don't think it is!

  5. @Dilip - Yes. They are the loud birds...but not that annoying da. We even managed to catch their entertainment show...They do a pretty decent job of painting, dancing and having a conversation ;-)

  6. @Sriram uncle :-) We have such 'beauty' moments all the time in Lonnie. Nothing but beauty in here ;-) !!!

  7. Anonymous Says:

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