Aishwarya Rao

Breakfast in Basavangudi, coffee on MG road, visit to National College, dinner at Kamath hotel listening to a soulful kutcheri, prayers at Ragi guda, sloshed evenings at Firangi Paani, hot paranthas from a friend's kitchen, Taste of Rampur, ice cream at Corner House, Changeling @PVR, fire at Forum mall, lunch at Shanti Sagar, coffee with besht friend, shopping at Blossoms, paani puri on Brigade road, The Lord of the Rings, magazine store, coffee at Barista, Midnight's children, vodka at Vaayu's...

10 Responses
  1. Preeti Says:

    U missed dosas at Malleswaram and pani puris at Jayanagar! :) Try them, if u havent so far!!

  2. I did! I will hunt them down next time I visit Bangalore!

  3. Preets Says:

    Oh this is cooool , You missed the MTR outlet .

  4. Haha! Where is this MTR outlet now?

  5. Preets Says:

    Its not there is it.They have one near kaban park na, and one in yelahanka,( i forgot the mall name)

  6. Preets Says:

    Yeah its the mall at hebbal flyover

  7. Tanu Anand Says:

    you missed the 'till 3AM gossip session'!!!!! ;)

  8. Girish Says:

    Hoi A!
    Too much, this new template :)
    Epdi idhukkelaam enthu vandhudhu?
    Ennamo po, keep the enthu going for your bombay trip, lookin fwd to that one big time!

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Also the B.T.M Vodka in B'lore. cheap and best. You should try it once, ever heard of the term floating in ether?

    Ppl get that enlightening experience!

  10. nazia Says:

    hey i visited d place few days back..n i find my place delhi as well as lucknow best among all..coz i dont knw kannad n they played their songs n dat was most terrible of all my experience in b'lore...waise it was a gud place..