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For those of you who think you know Parvathi...Thank you for loving her so much!
Kumar had telephoned the previous night and asked her for an unusual favor. "Will you meet me at The Fruit Shop tomorrow morning?", he had said with a lady-like hesitation in his voice. And for the first time in her life she wanted to refuse Kumar. "I suggest we meet in the evening. That way we can go to the beach" she retorted hoping that her best friend would get convinced by the sincereity in her voice. Afterall she was not yet prepared to break the news to him. How would he react to her story? Would he accept the idea of another man in her life? Would the three of them hang out in coffee shops together? Or would Kumar leave her life forever? A barrage of questions were haunting her while she waited for Kumar to suggest an alternate plan.

But Kumar was insistent. "No yaar. Why can't we meet as I suggested? What better plans do you have? Thatha and Avva are coming home by Lal Bagh. Amma has asked me to pick them up. And remember you owe me one. The last time you were upset about Prabhakar I heard you out patiently for an entire week. In fact I want you to spend only half an hour with me..." As Kumar went on and on with a list of reasons why she couldn't refuse him two thoughts came to her mind. Why was Kumar so insistent? And what would she tell Dev?

It was way past midnight and she had very little energy to argue with Kumar. Blasted son of a lawyer she thought to herself as she meekly agreed to his plans. She could always come up with something to tell Dev. A flat tyre or too much traffic near Nandanam signal. She was sure Dev would understand. Afterall he seemed to be the guy she wanted to spend the rest of her life with...
29th December 2002
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  2. Anonymous Says:

    Parvathy has come a long way,from building Toy Kitchen with Cheruba to handling Relationships in life. She has a strong Conviction and clear about her priorities in life.

    If Kumar was her best friend, he would have practiced affectionate detachment and given her the freedom of choice.

    Needless to say, he would have been aware of the four questions
    haunting her mind and made her job much easier by helping her to make decisions that matter at crucial junctures in life.

    He could have made that alternate plan, non-existent.Let Thatha and
    Avva come by Auto or Call Taxi.

    As far as I am concerned, no one owes anything to anyone. And
    especially when it comes to friendship,giving adds more beauty
    than expectation.

    Good decision in the end by Parvathy. Transition of this character is amazing!

    11:12 AM

  3. Now we have a Jhumpa in the family !!! Keep the story going !!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Aye, aye Captain!

  5. @Surya - That was quite a nice character analysis...I hope you follow and enjoy the rest of her story!

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Character Analysis? Big Words...No.
    It was just a lengthy Opinion.

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    Neat Blog, I loved the section on Books and Quotes..keep up the good work!

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    arriving at ur blog after what feels like years. must be years too! are u still in chennai? wanna get in touch?
    could not find ur here's mine. please dont tell me u dont even remember me anymore. do get in touch. i would like to meet up.

  10. Siladitya Says:

    read the whole story.
    Haiku Poems

  11. NIRMAL Says:

    Nice Start!!

    Looking forward for the next part?

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    Iniya tamil puthandu nalvazhthukal.
    Wish you a very happy tamil new year! May this year be the fulfillment of all your dreams, hopes and aspiration!!

    Hey, the new look is so cool. And I see Superstar's influence in the profile pic. Good.