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A couple of years ago I issued 'Q&A' from a library in the neighborhood. That particular copy had hardly been issued in the months it had been in circulation. I noticed a marketing bubble slapped on the cover page. It read 'Now being made into a film'. After a hundred or so pages I was convinced that Vikas Swarup had a knack of being intricate and untangled at the same time. The story teller's incredible gift was reflected in his straight forward story line and the boquet of experiences he had tied together and in style.

Now three years later I sit in front of the TV screen, watching the BAFTA awards on Sony Pix, getting excited and cheering for the incredibly talented and humble cast and crew of the film Slumdog Millionaire. Beginning with a very simple acceptance speech by the genius who scored the music for the madness of Mumbai, A.R.Rahman, the unassuming and enthusiastic responses of Dev Patel and Frieda Pinto to the cheerful Danny Boyle with an infectious pregnant smile, the team seemed to deserve every bit of attention and awards that were coming its way!

There seemed to be honor for the film for simply being stacked against the likes of 'A curious case..' and 'Changeling'. With 7 stunning awards and nominations in almost every other category Slumdog Millionaire, the real underdog, beat the much awed 'A curious case of Benjamin Button '. As they received their awards and congratulated each other, the Slumdog team made competition seem irrelevant.

And now if media reports are to be believed not only did the film win India a couple of statues ,it is now attracting the attention of world travelers to the slums of Mumbai. Now my curiosity is restricted to the big stage... I only hope there arent many surprises at the Oscar!
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  1. leo delattre Says:

    Hey !! i was about to see this SLUMDOG MILL movie in france ( the success is quite big) : i'l pay attention to your comments...
    If you want to visit my blog made in Japan durting my last trip (>1 month)

  2. Ram Rao Says:

    Haven't seen it yet. But ARR will make history, no doubt about that.

  3. @Leo - I thoroughly enjoyed watching the pictures on your Blog! I am going to take the assistance of a friend of mine who knows French, to explore the blog further!

    Food Designer - And that is the first one I know of!

  4. @Ram Rao - You must watch it! I am sure you will enjoy the film!

  5. Ram Says:

    Just as I predicted, ARR made history! NO, I did not watch his award, was in class, I did see best Picture award. That is OK, I felt ARR was a little too sentimental

  6. The songs wouldnt make it to the Top 100 ARR list I have, but heck, bad balls often get wickets!

    After all, its rags to riches..

    Random Access
    The search has just begun !!!

  7. hmmm ended up being a bit too much of an oscar ceremony...