Aishwarya Rao

Today, America elected Barack Obama as its 44th President. The very first African-American President in its political history and I consider myself lucky to have been a part of an experience of a lifetime...For it is not everyday that you see history unfold in front of you. And this is a story I will tell my grandchildren...This extraordinary moment. Here is a nation full of people, who chose to see issues over color, who chose a path that is not just radical, but is sincere and hopeful!

Before you jump on me with all your cynical heart,;I am not an American. I have temporarily made this country my home and I have less than two months left in this land. Yet, I feel so connected, so much a part of this election that I want to experience the "high" of this historic victory and savor it.

While it does not surprise me, what leaves me in awe is the spirit of this nation, well reflected in both Obama's and McCain's speech tonight! In his gracious closure speech, McCain pledged his support to Obama to help him lead us, although conceding that differences will remain. And Obama was equally impressive. For a long time I will remember the smile on his face when he said "Hello Chicago"!

I am excited about this because here are millions and millions of people that voted and voted for change and made the country stand upto its reputation of being a place where everything is possible. And you know what is truly beautiful? The fact that Obama stood there as a lovely leader, underplayed his African-American victory and said "it is only a chance for us to make that change". I particularly loved his mention of the 106 years old lady and her heartaches and hopes. She might not have voted because she was a woman. May be because of the color of her skin. But today like millions others, she was given the right to make a choice and she exercised it.

This is why the democratic victory is not a victory for a candidate, but for an entire nation that embraces free spirit like no other. Truly the land of democracy, liberty, opportunity and unyielding hope...

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  1. Nithya Says:

    I'm with you on this one!!
    Truly, a historic win!!!

  2. Jeez! This is fantastic! I hope that someday sooner than later, America votes for its first woman president as well..That will be my day!

  3. AGA Says:

    Well written and i agree with you a hundred percent. What Rosa Parks started and Martin luther king had envisioned has now culminated in Obama's success. But it is true, his success is more visible thanks to the country he is in. Lets hope there is a renaissance in Indian politics too. I'm awaiting the day we would be vehemently commenting on political issues in India on our blogs as often as writing things like 'I woke up watching the rain , downed a soothingly warm coffee, walked out to enjoy the rays of the early morning sun tingling my skin' etc!:P

  4. WHODUNIT? Says:

    i guess the frequency of ur posts shud increase.. U make an interesting read....

  5. good one and enjoyed reading it....