Aishwarya Rao

I am not sure if I am in love with everything Google ever manufactured in its labs. I use gmail, orkut, blogger, yada, yada and...Chrome! It excites me! May be not as creatively as Apple does...But in a very snobbish kinda way. I love the way we download chrome, discuss how Google is going to take over the world and look at that company in awe and a biting lip! 

While I am not certain if the simplicity, snobbishness and sophistication itself is creating an aura around the brand...I only know whatever it is, Google has this secret fan following and it only managed to strengthen it with Chrome..Those of us that suck up to its services and write articles on BusinessWeek that debate its recent Microsoftish monopoly games...

So you see, I can't comment on Chrome being open source or not...But I can say excitedly that I love the way the tabs open (they are cool), the way I can search in my address bar (it is making life less complicated) and I can access my favourite pages without bookmarking them! Reminds me of a class about "customer delight" long ago... (And no points for guessing that this is my first post using Google Chrome!)

Having said all this though, it is not like I am going to give up on /using Firefox so easily. Firefox has what marketers would call core competitive advantage. It has a reputation, a brand name and a strong and positive user experience that will not be easy to erode. In a very corny emotional way, I like the Mozilla's honesty better than Google's "Do no evil"! 

While I ought to wait and see how Google markets Chrome, the thought of a good-bad browser war certainly excites me...
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  1. Rohit Jain Says:

    Bingo! you got it right, Google has a huge fan following. (include me forever)

    have been using chrome for few hours and already hooked to it. its my default browser already :)

    Yeah, it will take time to give away Firefox at least until Chrome comes out in a release version and shows consistency and compatibility.

    Lemme end by saying "Google Rocks!"

  2. In love with the chrome. Comfortable and hassle-free.
    And came across this link which related flocking behaviour of birds to google's innovation in products. check it out.

  3. Just awsome is your writing...Bravo..i have never joined any blog rss in one year of my blogging but i could not resist doing yours...Great!!