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2008 for me has undoubtedly been the year of travel. Beginning from New York, to New Jersey, Ohio, Miami, Orlando, Key West, Tampa, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Mexico, Los Angeles, New Orleans and now Chicago!

I was at Chicago for the labour-day weekend and Fun refused to take a break. It began with a it-is-not-so-surprising-that-it-was-delayed AA flight at 11.30 on Friday evening. On the flight, I had loads of fun reading the palms of my co-passengers and surprising them with what I could say about their past...Lol!

On Saturday morning. We headed to the world renowned Art Institute of Chicago. While the museum itself did not live up to the hype around it, I was fascinated by the intricate work of the Thorne Miniature rooms that elaborately captured the decor of European, American and a few Japanese houses from the 13th century until the 1930's.

Our next destination was something that deserves an entire post being dedicated to it. It was the musical Wicked that transported every single person in the audience from the heavily ornate Oriental Theatre to a world of wizards and witches. It is by far the most amazing live production that I have ever witnessed. I can rave about the brilliance of the actors, their costumes, and the jaw-dropping eccentricity of the props and stage. I will reserve that for another post and tell you that Wicked was simply magical!

With an entire evening to ourselves we walked the green grass of the Millenium Park, enjoyed the architecture that dominates the Chicago skyline, clicked crazy pictures at the Cloud Gate sculptute (that resembles a drop of mercury), sat on the edge of the it-cant-be-more-blue lake and dined at Kan Zaman, a very beautiful Lebanese restaurant. The night was wasted in the happy lounges of Zed and Billy Goat Tavern on Red Bull and water...As they say even fun felt like resting after a long and tiring Saturday...
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