Aishwarya Rao
One does not expect to arrive at the movie half an hour in advance to find the last few seats available right in the second row! Especially not when, Dark Knight was releasing in the screen next door. But one might have underestimated the power of this ABBA based musical, that seems to have had a roaring opening in the US.

While at the theatre I couldn't help wondering what was more cheesy; 'I-am-no-more-James-Bond' Pierce Brosnan singing in the rain or my 73 year old neighbor and her girl friends who had tears of joy and happiness rushing down their cheeks...But I realized two things.
The movie brought alive the eternal magic of the 70's and by the end of the movie everyone was humming (and in a loop) 'Mamma Mia', 'Dancing Queen' or yet another addictive ABBA number that the movie is based on.
While I do not have much to say on the story itself (I had the joy of watching Mamma Mia at Broadway), I fell in love with Meryl Streep and the way she carried the weight of the film on her. She brings out her best in 'Winner takes it all', where she addresses her lover from 20 years earlier, Sam Carmichael, played by Pierce Brosnan. The only other notable characters were Meryl's girl friends, British actor Julie Walters and Golden Globe nominee Christine Baranski. Other than that, personally I can't recall of any path-breaking acting or scenes in the movie.

The camera was well experimented, the color and tone of the movie certainly did a good job of bringing out the 'exotic' spirit of a not-so-known Greek island and the dance moves did not lose their charm on-screen!
While the movie was a terrific effort in remaking a musical, it cannot match the live energy and electric air of a Broadway show!
Overall, you would enjoy it if you were in a rich man's world!
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  1. the island does not exist. They just made it up.

    Read my review...;0

  2. Arun Sundar Says:

    I felt the broadway show is still much better than the movie. You should watch when u get a chance.

  3. Arun,

    My friend...I wonder if you actually read my post...I did watch the show in Broadway on 31st December last year. Awesome experience. And that is what I say...the movie cannot recreate the live energy...

  4. Arun Sundar Says:

    I meant you should watch the broadway again ;) hehe..

    No, I am just kidding. First time, I read only the first paragraph and me, the fathead assumed you must not have watched the broadway! Sorry there.

  5. Arun...well I am planning Broadway again...But may be Lion King or Wicked...not sure!

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Has any one been to see Mamma Mia, i got last year a cheap ticket and i went, it really was a great show. I can't believe its still on; think I'm going to have to go again!!!