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Claire Goulthorpe is a senior principal consultant with CSC and she is my mentor in graduate school. She is a fabulous person and a fitness freak. And how does she maintain work life balance? By volunteering, including teaching a high school class about how to choose a "career with a purpose". Find Claire's coffee tips below!

With recession tales on, b-school students cannot but worry about the job market. As a mentor what tips do you have to offer students?

  • Try to predict which industries will be booming in future, such as biotech.
  • Consider how your core skills and strengths can be applied in a variety of different fields, not only the one you prefer.
  • Package yourself to have "general appeal", especially with a good MBA.
Don't stress too much about possible recession. You will probably see many booms and busts in your life and you will survive them all!
A consultant's job is highly demanding. Tell me how you achieve a work/life balance.
  • Keeping physically healthy is very important, So I work out every day
  • I request alterations to menu items to make them lighter and healthier
  • Find a work out routine which you can do anywhere, such as running or strength exercises in your hotel room.
Don't become your job!
  • Keep in mind there is another world out there.
A lot of us are taking up internships this summer. What is that one thing you would advice your students to take up/train etc?
  • Meet as many people as you can in the organization.
Branch out to departments and functions other than your own. You'll get a great understanding of their business which could make you more valuable to them, and of course raise your visibility.
And it will give you a chance to consider what other types of role might also suit you.
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  1. Claire is definitely the mentor any person would love to have. She always has this feeling that she doesn't do enough but always does more. A terribly busy person, it was fun catching up with her during her valuable free time