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After much deliberation and efforts to make 'Coffee with Ash' a 10 minute video session, I have, for the moment settled for a quick coffee bite. On my debut, I invite Michelle Peluso , CEO Travelocity, for an exciting espresso shot. And remember, no questions on the impact of oil prices on the airline industry.

We have always known her as the woman transformed Travelocity into the happy global brand it is today. Michelle Peluso is one of the most powerful and influential women in Texas and she hates soft beds...

Alternate Career
Well...if not for the travel business, may be I would have been in politics.

Biggest 'Kick' from being powerful and influential
I don’t think I am! But working with the Travelocity team each day is tremendously inspiring to me.
We have some real rock stars here, and it’s a privilege to work alongside of them.
Hotel fetish
I hate polyester comforters and soft beds!

Blog’ you do wouldn’t miss for anything
Amy Ziff’s travel blog

DVD/book you are devouring
I’m always reading – but right now I’m just about done with Team of Rivals about Abe Lincoln – it’s fantastic

Travel wish
I’d love to spend more time in Africa

Secret ingredient that makes you the best in the business
I know how to surround myself with exceptionally talented people – and to put them first.
Comment on “Americans are insensitive to the culture of their destination (during trips)”
This is certainly not true for most Americans. But I do think we all have an opportunity to travel more, see more countries, and respect the great diversity of this wonderful world.

Your travel tip
When you go on vacation, take a day or two out of your trip to volunteer, especially if you are in a foreign country. You can learn about opportunities through Travelocity’s Travel for Good program. It’s a great way to feel good about yourself, to spend time with your family, and to experience your destination more richly.

Random question: If you were a wrestler, what would be your finishing move?
Hmm . . . I’ve never been one for sports, but if you throw me a question about going to a spa, I’m sure I can answer it!
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  1. sagaro Says:

    Nice. Congrats on your first albeit short bite.

  2. Thanks Gapp. I know I have taken a while. Thought I will put up something rather than let the idea dry up...Let us see how it turns out..While I am not satisfied with this attempt myself...I am excited enough to get it going...

  3. Preeti Says:

    Finally, here it is Ash ! :) Good luck !

  4. Thanks Pretty!

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    Nice post!

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