Aishwarya Rao

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Aishwarya Rao
After a claustrophobic 'international' journey on American Eagle, we made it across the border to Monterrey, Mexico. Half our class is here on a 'Foreign Studies' trip and honestly it is refreshing. Well, lets say the sultry weather is not exactly my idea of 'refreshing'...but the fact that we are chilling out in a quaint hotel in Mexico and not sitting in a classroom lecture is.

And in a weird way this country reminds me of home, of India. The lazy bus ride, the authentic smell of oppressively hot air, the Delhi-like air terminal, the Mexican Peso that resembles our own 20 ruppee note, the smudge from car leaks at parking lots..Oh this is so close to home.
Initially ofcourse I had my own doubts about this being an 'foreign' studies trip. Well, it is Mexico and it took us less time to reach here than it took me to fly to Jersey. But the more I think of it, I realize how this could be an intenrational trip in so many ways. First, given the fact that Mexico is emerging as one of the most favoured destinations after China and India in outsourcing, it will be interesting to visit businesses here and see what Mexico is going to be offer to the rest of the world. And second, I am convinced that the company of my 'multi-ethnic' colleagues in a non-class room setting, a group that is stuck here in its own company for the next 7 days is going to be very interesting...Atleast it already has been...
From trying to find some traces of vegetarian food, buying an international calling card that actually works, watching Shrek II in Spanish and communicating with people who look sympathetically and helplessly at my franctic expressions, it has been a thouroughly enjoyable sultry day. I feel like how 'Lin Baba' felt on his first day in home with a country that he was visting. And sure thing, I am looking forward to the week ahead!