Aishwarya Rao
Watched Anne Bunker and co.'s dance performance at the university theater last evening. A truly mesmerizing concert, I have to admit...for it is not in every recital that dancers cut like a knife through air, sharp and soft at the same time... And although I watched novel foot movements and listened to unfamiliar music, in my mind I somehow followed the story...As I watched her in a solo act, I couldn't help thinking how Bunker transformed into a bird - graceful, in air and flying...suggesting a rather curious explanation to the story she was narrating...While pairing with her male partner Charles Thompson the ethereal aura was almost unmistakable...And then of course there were students from the university who made the ensemble vibrant and entertaining. Although the costumes were way too simple, there was an unexplained grandeur to the entire show...As they say, everyone has a story to tell, a story they call their own ... only this one was told in air...
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  1. Mr. Poplatho Says:

    I guess it comes from years of training... Hard work and dedication. If you're in Dallas then i'd personally suggest 'Cowboys @ RedRiver' where the tequila can transform into a "bird - graceful".

  2. I agree Mr.Poplatho...I am sure you have heard of Bharatha Natyam (considering I see 'India' on your blog)...where bhava-stands for expression, raga for melody and tala for rhythm...That is what I trained in...But woah..When I was watching Anne Bunker...I realized how dance is a universal language of sorts...It is amazing how these performers can communicate and connect without having to speak a single world...Better they tell us stories and meaningful ones at that!

  3. Hey.Awesome description.
    And drawing comparisons to the heavily decked Bharat Natyam, the dressing style seems to be very simple yet elegant.
    The divine tinge and aura that Bharatha Natyam brings out lacks here though.
    Guess the purpose is different.

  4. Hmmm..yes and no Harish...I think in our culture/mythology divine = decked....but not necessarily in here...the experience remains as ethereal...what do you say?

  5. Yeah. Can sure make out the brilliance of the performance from your description.
    Was actually referring to the dance as divine from the dancer's point of view, not the costume or the experience.
    The dancer in BN essentially makes it as an offering to the Hindu deity,a revered royal guest in his temple/abode.Every step is a conscious effort to reach out to the divine.(U'd know :) )
    Guess the purpose and intent in Anne's performance is more on telling a story in a beautiful,subtle & graceful manner.
    What say?

  6. Absolutely Harish. Totally agree with you on that.

    I particularly like this one phrase that I read somewhere where the dancer is saying a vibrant prayer and offering the dance itself to God.