Aishwarya Rao
Have a $2.7 million and don’t know what to do with it? Buy a Superbowl 30 seconds spot this year.
It seems like neither the number of zeros or the fear of recession, will desist the Pepsis and Unilevers of the world from spending a few million dollars during the game.
But at this point, the argument has gone much beyond the biggest bang for the buck theory. It is less about a massive reach and more about brand ego and engagement. It is not the marketers fault that a lot is now dependent on the concept, production and execution of the ad. Catchy jingles, unforgettable characters and feel good stories are becoming redundant already. Our expectations are higher. And we are much smarter. We want a celebrity driven, highly-digitally modified and living-upto-the-hype campaigns. That will make us brand the commercials the favourite part of the game. That only bottomless purses can ensure.
This is not wholly unrealistic either. Insurance company Nationwide announced its decision to stay out of Super Bowl. It was not a financial decision they claim, but more of the lack of a concept/idea that will match consumer expectations.
And the battle doesn’t end here. Brands need to sustain the campaign thread. The ideas must be full enough to spill-over. To bill boards and home pages. The campaign must connect at all levels and on all platforms. Surely when you are spending a $2.7 million you must have a clear idea about the form and rate at which the reach can be multiplied.
While it is not surprising that Victoria Secret is making a come back or that Dell will makes its debut on the commercials game, I am wondering what will be this years turn-on? Pepsi has managed (as always) to create a hype with its 1 minute silent ad before the game…Will there be another halftime scandal? Who will be the victor in the battle of the brands?
Only the sundae party will decide.
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  1. david santos Says:

    Hi Rao

    Excellent post!
    Thank you.
    have a good day

  2. did u manage to watch the superbowl??

  3. The superbowl ads were so diappointing this year. Budweiser killed the rocky balboa spirit ! complete massacre. The game, however, was kickass, even though the pats lost :(

  4. Ash,

    No dee. Traveled back from Houston that day and was lying down dead when the Giants and Patriots ate each others head and the audience ate Doritos chips!

  5. Schmetterling - (German for butterfly is what Google is telling me!) I kind of understand by what you mean by disappointment. I had way too high expectations from Pepsi and Victoria Secret! Few of them lived up to our expectations this time around...