Aishwarya Rao

As a part of the new year initiatives, I am planning to launch a chat show on Coffee House. 'Coffee with Ash' (forgive me for the lack of originality) will be a series where I invite and interview some of my 'celebrity' friends.

A popular IT consultant who is an independent film maker, a famous lawyer who runs her own international NGO or a well-known radio jockey, model, theatre personality all rolled into one... 'Coffee with Ash' is where they will express their 'other' self, share their life-changing moments and answer trick questions over a virtual cup of coffee...

I am still fine tuning the format, and connecting with people you enjoy meeting. It will be great if you can share your ideas/expectations/recipes for the coffee session...
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  1. RUCHI MANN Says:

    wish u a great year too darling!!
    can already smell the coffee!! dying for the details..

  2. V Says:

    Looking forward for the series!
    Good Luck with it!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Sounds real good! :) I've always loved tete-a-tetes. So here's wishing you loadsa luck with Coffee With Ash! :D

  4. Anonymous Says:

    There, that is my gift for your Coffee with Ash series. Just create an account, place the order and ship it to your place and let me know, I will transfer the money to you.


  5. Happy new year Ash!!
    and am looking forward to it, if you want any help with the podcasts buzz me ;)

  6. Dhivya Says:

    fantastic.. and i know its going to be as much fun as the host;) i look forward to the series

  7. fennblogs Says:
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  8. fennblogs Says:

    We love innovations and innovatives, I dont wanna wish a you good luck, we believe in hard work and the sheer ecstasy of it.
    Hope to see you making it BIG.

    From all of us @

  9. King Vishy Says:

    Interesting!! :)
    If these ppl are "real" celebs, meaning ppl whom we all can recognize, it'll do great..
    But if they are not exactly that, then making this series a hit is totally in ur packagin of the stuff, and in askin the right qns :)
    somethin tells me u will do it.. ATB!

  10. Thank you guys for all the support. I must be able to upload the first one over this weekend. Keeping my fingers crossed. Don't want the coffee to get cold!

  11. T.U.Dinesh Says:

    hey, great, have a fantastic year interviewing ...

    is it a video show ?

  12. Ravages/CC Says:

    hmmm...what about the copywriter turned photographer turned genius turned senile blogger?

  13. taggy Says:

    is it a case that you work for podtech ?
    similar stuff so iam asking .

  14. Taggy,
    No. I dont work for podtech!