Aishwarya Rao
So this semester has come to an end and the grades are out. I stare at them and wonder if they reflect how I am going to apply this knowledge in business. I have never wondered this way because at least in the last 7 years of my education I have always been in the top-tier of the class if not the first ranker.

Then I join an institution where everyone else has been the best in their own professions. All of them high-achievers, some of them with decades of work experience and some others with the knack of managing spouse, children, assignments and tests.

Like this MBA Journal Writer (Business Week), Nathan Kolmodin says "What takes time to get accustomed to is that being among the best makes the perspective of being average change dramatically". With a semester behind, the grade-passionate inner self is unwilling to accept the recent sacrifice and be convinced about statements like 'when it comes to work place grades don't matter'. May be they don't. May be I will be a billionaire soon...
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  1. Kadaisile, GPA evlo vandadhu??


  2. You must understand from this ramble that it is not a 4. Certainly more than a 3. There was an A+ saving grace in marketing...

  3. Hi Aishwarya,

    I just happnd to drop by ur blog. Amazing one. They are informative and also entertaining, esp the one called "Social Notworking', not many can pull off content with style. I'll be doing my M.B.A too. I ve just written my CAT, awaiting results. You may wish to check out my blog too. Not as good as yours, but definitely looking forward to makin' it better :) I've added you to my favorites. Do add me too :)

    I'll keep comin back for more coffee ! So keep it goin' :)

    Praveen Chandar.

  4. Trust me - At the end of the day they don't. I just completed my MBA (awaiting results) and joined a Mgmt Consulting firm, hoping to do what we are taught at the b-school.

    All I can say is, its a a whole new jungle out there!

    Just to make you sleep better - Grades don't matter "much"!

  5. Mark IV Says:

    yevaru neeru? psbb? kkn? marketing? 2001? thats aweful close...
    me from 2002... and headlong into marketing now...
    but i dont seem to have known/ seen u in school (vikram 2002). can you give a couple of holders tht cld help me place u?

  6. Anonymous Says:

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  7. King Vishy Says:

    Hi.. Just happened to drop in cos found ur URL in my analytics page.. and got hooked cos of the MBA + Tamil traces in ur blog :)

    Now about this post of urs, I had a discussion with a friend on similar lines a few weeks ago..

    My point has always been that it is better to be an "average" student in a DAV / PSBB / IIT / IIM / any premier institution, rather than to be a topper in a so-so insti.. Cos eventually when they step out into the world, students of the former instis would have faced the worst of competition already.. and would have become hard boiled eggs (meaning they wont crack under pressure :))

    But topper saar from the latter instis would have trouble in making his pulses boil (loosely translating from Tamil :D)

    So keep ur spirits high! And the coffee hot..

  8. Thanks Bharath,

    Definitely makes me feel better about the grades. Hopefully,a year from now I can console a junior in the same way!

  9. King Vishy,
    I get your point. And I certainly acknowledge that I have learned a lot of things from my highly experienced, focussed and brilliant colleagues here. So yeah, keeping the spirits high as you say!

  10. King Vishy Says:

    Just came back and read my prev comment.. I seem to have made a mistake in conveyin my thoughts completely..

    I wanted to say that even average students from great instis will do well.. So someone like you is sure to do really really well.. A 3+ on a scale of 4.0 is great!!

    Apologies for the miss..

  11. RUCHI MANN Says:

    Woman!!! alllos...i dont really need to say it, going by fan following but i am such a HUGE fan of ur writing (right-ing, if u please)...daily vitamins!!! how u doing?? and seemingly MBA is coming along decently well..

  12. Lol. Ruchi, Thanks for dropping by. MBA is coming along well. The MBA dream has finally come true.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    I just discovered your blog on linked-in! Very thoughtful postings, plus I don't know how you find the time with all our school work. I am in there with you as far as the 3+, rather than the 4.0 range. I am sure it will all be worth it in the end!