Aishwarya Rao

I am not going to climb mountains or follow every stream
But I am going to fool around, until I find a dream
Then I am going to take tomorrow and dip it in the dream...
Separate all the sorrow and collect up all the cream!
May be if I have the time, I will mix it with my love
If you like I can pass it on, only tell me how...
Heres to an incredibly mad 2008!

6 Responses
  1. Sagaro Says:

    Happy new year to you and your Hubby :D

  2. Sagaro,
    Thanks a bunch. My best wishes for your bro's wedding. Good lucking finding a scape goat to marry you the year next! Hope you have terRATfic new year.

  3. Sagaro Says:

    Aiye. Like I want to get married. To think of it, I am the scape goat. :(

    Yup! The rat year, sure has a lot in store for me. So when is you visiting Chennai?

  4. Ah! The rat year. Thats when I was born. So hopefully it will be full of energy and good things. I haven't looked at the predictions though.

    Come to think of it. Being a scape goat in the year of the rat. That is so funny. Lol.

    Chennai most likely in another 5 months.

  5. Sagaro Says:

    5 months kulla passu aidiviya? :P

  6. Looks like you have taken advantage of my absence and reeling off poems for new year resolutions.. hmm... All the best anywayz!

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