Aishwarya Rao
I came across Wufoo while responding to a survey. I figured that the site is a fast and easy way of creating forms online. It requires no more than a fair understanding of how to create surveys. Certainly no coding! So I went ahead and quickly put together a survey. Then with the help of the invite button on their home page, I invited some relevant people to take the survey.

I am still receiving answers on the site and may be I will be able to generate a report out of it. It is not just the live updates (as and when the survey has been taken) but also the fact that Wufoo is so user-friendly that makes it a great tool for students/managers and research groups.
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  2. Happy Diwali!

  3. Satish Bhat Says: is also pretty cool. Do check it out sometime...

  4. Anonymous Says:

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  5. sirpy Says:

    It IS cool.. For a complete code-averse individual like me.. Learning it though... :)