Aishwarya Rao
I am currently reading 'The Kamasutra' and it is certainly entertaining.
Vatsyayana is clearly talking to the men, ain't he? When he says "In love, men are the actors and women the acted upon..." I can only give an amused smile.
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  1. Adhu love la mattum thaan - baaki time la ellam the wife acts (uses props like karandi, kuchi, poori kattai etc) and men are 'acted' upon....


  2. sirpy Says:

    So in all, you are smiling wryly, because Vatsyayana is a male Chauvinist swine...?

  3. The Ugly One Says:

    poor man, he must have been pre-occupied with the present then and failed in his foresight.

  4. Rajesh Says:

    You know better than that:).

    So, this is the studies you have been upto. Nice.



  5. Lol. Karthik..adhu enamo oru vidhathla correct thaan...

  6. Sirpy, Let us say I would rather not make such statements but be amused by the 'chauvinist swine's' narrow thoughts on his own subject!

  7. -The ugly one
    poor man?! Lol...I am not accusing him of anything...but lack of sensitivity!

  8. Rajesh,

    The study of literature is the highest Dharma. Lol! Business School has such effects!

    PS: Do I know you?

  9. Aroj Says:

    Haha..Vatsyayana the great sage .. how did he get this all wrong :-)
    Even the great sage couldn;t understand women..I think its women who control everything in love...its only us fools who would like to believe otherwise :-)