Aishwarya Rao
I recently came across this article What's in a name?

It is very interesting how brand names stick to our lives. On being asked for my opinion on the name CIRAKA for an online product, my immediate connect was with the established toothpaste brand CIBACA.

A market research report that I came across back in India stated that, some of the 80's brands like Nirma, Ujala, Goldspot, Rin, Dinesh, Lux, LML Vespa, Mysore Sandal, Ind-Suzuki, Vicco, Sundrop and Limca scored very high on brand recall. 'Washing Powder Nirma', 'Naa Ujalavuku maariten', 'Take the world in your stride..Dinesh' are jingles that almost defined a decade of booming consumerism.

Apart from once occupying much of ad space on television, these names were short and easily pronounceable across the country. This can explain why the brands enjoy such a high recall despite leaving little allowance for easy associations. And in a country like India, where every quarter speaks a different language, brand naming and writing must have certainly been (and may be to a certain extent still is) a challenge.

Some of the other brands that hounded screens just before the cable TV entry, I think, are White Giant detergent, Moov, Ariel, Chandrika, Real Value containers, Dhara oil and Cadbury. And it seems like the brands that came earlier had and less and less to do with obvious associations.

However, today brands like Hamam, Lijjat and Idhayam compete with the likes of Schwarzkopf and L'oreal. I guess it is less fuss when the audience has access to an array of information. Who knows, soon 'Lady-Killer' might be the next kid on the block!
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  1. Purni Says:

    Rasna, Zandu balm, Arun Icecreams, Woodwards Grip water, Regal Sottu neelam, and many more :)

  2. Goldspot, Nivaran 90, Lifebuoy soap, Leo Coffee were some of the ads i remember....


  3. I still feel authentic Indian brands would dominate the Indian market for the right reasons against the Western Counterparts in certain Industries quoted here.

    If we think about the Brands that are being mentioned here, they have more to do with a particular segment that has more to do with Price than Quality. And also since the Western Brands always bring in a Brand premium to their price and hence the pocket of the consumers.

    No doubt that the wealth is growing of an average Indian, etc., but still thinking about Brands - I somehow feel few of them will evolve. And also generational effect have a lot to do with it, I feel.

    Nevertheless a very nice post! :-)



  4. Purni,

    I know Woodwards Gripe Water, Rasna and Maggi are my all time favourites...

    Jeez what an unassuming non-complicated yet interesting ads these were!

  5. Nivaran 90 and Vicco still run their old ads..Leo Coffee just changed recently and a made a new one with Andrea. I think the one with Arvind Swamy ran for 100 years!

  6. Bharath,

    I agree with what you say. When you look at the oil market down south, Gold Winner has taken the segment by storm. Idhayam is putting a good fight and there are so many brands in the Amma Nannas that dont market themselves on television at all. They quietly target a very niche segment and make their own monies. Therefore the bigger, local brands dominate with their cultural relevance.