Aishwarya Rao
'The days when Robinson Crusoe lived on an unknown island with his man Friday are over'.

Linkedin, Orkut, Facebook, Myspace, Gazzag, Wayn, hi5, Shelfari, Yaari, Stumbleupon, Twitter have taken over the world. Today, it is a new one. I received an invitation to join '' which is allegedly the next social networking site that is sweeping the world.

While I personally have discovered Linkedin and Orkut to be fantastic professional and social networking tools, I find the redundancy creep in when you sign up on multiple platforms. Everywhere, you meet new people, make a circle of friends, socialize, track friends, share photos, spend several hours on the internet and eventually go to hell!

I wonder if there is any correlation between the increasing depression rates and the increasing social utility sites across the globe. The more people want to connect with me on these domains, the more I wish to run away and find myself a Man Friday. To someone who believes in the cause of web2.0, the last thing I want to say is - "Honey, I registered in one more of them today!" Unchecked social Networking, for me is certainly, Notworking.
7 Responses
  1. REFLEX Says:

    I don't understand the real meaning of these sites at all. If you can't spend some good time with the ppl who works with u, what the heck u'll do in orkut and other stuff. I prefer to talk to ppl whom I meet and not to someone unknown. Every day ppl are coming up with a new site.

  2. I like the fact that some of these sites have really helped me connect to a whole lot of people out there...but I am sick of receiving invitations to join new ones!!!

  3. Shivoham Says:

    cool.. i agree with you on the social networking bit...Have you heard of an Indian Youth Networking site.

  4. Shivoham Says:

    do chk out too.. thank you.

  5. Blog outreach is it?

  6. Pandi Says:

    I am connected..orkut..linkdin.but I find it daunting to keep in touch even friends are those who live in the same continent as myself and thus "phone calls" are much needed..yes i said generation is old(er):)

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Getting into all these groups with better purpose(than mere friend ship and business) would add great value to society. Thanks