Aishwarya Rao
It didn't look any different from a Saturday evening at The Music Academy in Chennai. Padmashree Shobana and her troupe performed 'Maya Ravan', a Bharathnatyam theaterical ballet that I had earlier spoken about here.

The show was organized by the Dallas Chapter of Association for India's Development and impeccably at that. The programme commenced on time and ran as per schedule. The time the dancers needed to change their costumes was well compensated with videos dedicated to dancer, actor and Shobana's aunt, the renowned Padmini Ramachandran.

Since I was watching the show for the second time, I could appreciate the scenes much better. I thoroughly enjoyed the inaugural pieces that were dedicated to Lord Krishna's tantrums and the spirit of free India. It was also amazing to see how Shobana managed to retain the essence of the ballet despite more than half her troupe not traveling to the US. Costumes and co-ordination were as engaging. Overall some great and flavorful entertainment!

With samosas to munch on and maamis all around, it was certainly an evening to remember!
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