Aishwarya Rao
I had always heard about the Free Hugs Campaign. Most of us must have caught the Desi version of the magical hug in either 'Munna Bhai MBBS' or its remake 'Vasool Raja' in Tamil. But I was excited to see it on campus today.

After two years in Symbiosis where students hugged more than they made power-point presentations (which was infinite), the sudden loneliness is killing. People here are so friendly yet so distant; that I would have paid to get a hug. Free Hug certainly was a better bargain!

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  1. avronea Says:


  2. Ranji,
    Thank you so much...Awww how I miss hugging all of you and telling Raheel that he hasnt had a bath, so i wouldnt hug him...ohhhhhh!Those were the days...

  3. interesting...

  4. Ash, I know. But have you noticed we never hugged in school. Our class still doesn't. But I know it came more naturally in Pune...

  5. Loads of hugs baby

  6. Thanks hon! Hugs Squgs!!!

  7. REFLEX Says:

    adada, ippadi ellam kuda irukka :).

  8. REFLEX Says:

    ukkandhu yosippangalo......

  9. man, check out the term internet phenomenon and u will realize how a lot of things around us is one of this kind!! Lust-anger-greed??? Welcome back!

  10. Arnold Says:

    Did it in Pune yesterday. On M.G. Road. It was great. :D

  11. leo delattre Says:

    hello coffee baby :!!Just to tell you I heard before about free hug meeting ,and just like You ,I re-discover the history and wildness today !! it's so cute, so the same for (almost) all human beeing !

    By the way I love your blog an plan to go to chennai soon( march) so i 'll keep an eye on your blog, Fresh baby !!
    LEO ( from Paris, france)