Aishwarya Rao
This morning, I was going through a business story on the multi-billion dollar ice cream industry. It spoke of how the days of the local ice cream shops have passed.

I was reminded of the good old days, when we had Dunlop (Karthik corrects me to say Dullop) in spherical containers and the local non-fancy Arun ice cream shops. The kuchi-ice is Marina Beach is still a favourite. Eat two plates of molaga bajji and wash down the fire with a kuchi ice. And oh memories of the Kwality mobile ice potti, with a temple bell hanging from the top, still haunt me. More recently, I was relishing some awesome cone-ice from a stand alone shop in Pondy Bazar. Cha - what an unparalleled delight.

The movenpicks and gelatos of the world might have taken over...but i still love my innocent kuchi-ice!
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  1. I think its Dollop(s) which u have typed as Dunlop (which is a tyre brand :P)... Anyways, I love Coldstone anyday over the ones we used to get in India....


  2. u still havent changed...:)

  3. Thanks KS..Yes it is Dullop. But I think Dunlop tyres also existed at the same time. So I certainly got confused. I was in Coldstone yesterday..nothing to beat my orange kuchi!!!

  4. Ash,
    Aaah Change. Thats the only thing that is permanent, isn't it. I have changed too...I dont eat kuchi ice here anymore.

  5. Gayathri Says:

    coldstone is is brookyln,marblestone etc.
    The stand alone shop in Pondy bazaar is chintamani cool bar. my favourite :P

  6. I know ice creams anywhere, anytime simply rock! But there is a unique flavor eating it back home!