Aishwarya Rao
'None of us are as smart as all of us.'
- Japanese Proverb

From an exciting teamwork session during leadership camp.
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  1. oh ive heard of that proverb....thats interesting..but i am not sure what you are trying to say....

  2. alex Says:
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  3. Divya Says:

    Hey did you go for the I-RYLA 2000 at the Good Shepherd school in Ooty?

  4. Hey Divya,

    I did go I-RYLA 2000. Which Divya are you? Divya Balakrishnan??

  5. Divya Says:

    Yep! Hello there! Long time :D You married? Good stuff :D What are you upto?

  6. Woman!

    How you doing? 7 years is long time indeed. I got married two months ago!
    And right now doing my MBA in Dallas here. What u up2?? Still in Singapore?

  7. Lehmunade Says:

    Hahah, wow - talk about serendipity :D

    I'm still in Singapore, yes. You are in Bush-country? That's excellent :P Great to hear from you - in fact I saw the link from The name was so familiar I decided to troll up. But I'm glad you have a pic put up.
    You have an email so we can continue this chat somewhere urm..less public? :D