Aishwarya Rao
'None of us are as smart as all of us.'
- Japanese Proverb

From an exciting teamwork session during leadership camp.
Aishwarya Rao
This morning, I was going through a business story on the multi-billion dollar ice cream industry. It spoke of how the days of the local ice cream shops have passed.

I was reminded of the good old days, when we had Dunlop (Karthik corrects me to say Dullop) in spherical containers and the local non-fancy Arun ice cream shops. The kuchi-ice is Marina Beach is still a favourite. Eat two plates of molaga bajji and wash down the fire with a kuchi ice. And oh memories of the Kwality mobile ice potti, with a temple bell hanging from the top, still haunt me. More recently, I was relishing some awesome cone-ice from a stand alone shop in Pondy Bazar. Cha - what an unparalleled delight.

The movenpicks and gelatos of the world might have taken over...but i still love my innocent kuchi-ice!
Aishwarya Rao
A gold fish in the dark will ultimately turn white.
Aishwarya Rao
Who's the better spy - James Bond or Jason Bourne might remain debated, but Matt Damon in The Bourne Ultimatum is almost perfect. The latest in the series is a treat for Bourne fans and others alike. With some amazing stunt sequences, a gripping plot and impressive acting, Bourne is simply exciting to watch. If he were gritty in 'The Departed', Matt Damon is certainly deadly in this one. Deserves ten perfect stars for being I-can-still-feel-the-frenzy entertainer.
Aishwarya Rao
It is the time of the year again - starting school. Looking at apartments, finding room mates and trying to be all-set-for-classes. The business school experience already seems to have begun here.
We hit Circuit City to get hold of a best-bang-on-the-buck Toshiba laptop computer for $479 and ended up with a HP Pavillion widescreen notebook for $749. Only the psychology of consumer behaviour can explain the motivation behind the decision.
Having said that, if you are from India and joining school here, add the following to the list of things you can think of carrying from home.
  1. Web Cam (not available for less than $30)
  2. Head phone and mic
  3. USB drive
  4. Computer Mouse (if required)

While you must carry minimum luggage, make sure you dont miss out on these.