Aishwarya Rao
What I can't understand is why is Worcester pronounced as Wustaer!?
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  1. Ipdi ellam pesinena, unnai deport panniduvanga... vendam! enna sirupulla thanama irukku?! Rascolu! Pichu poduven pichi!

  2. Durga Says:

    U got married n moved to the US?
    I've just come back from holidays and this?
    that's awesome!
    Congrats! Hope everything went like smoothly.

    btw u don't know me...i used to stalk ur blog frm time to time.

  3. Lol LKS,

    Its kinda funny and interesting at the same time. Half the guys in Texas dont know why this place is called the lone star state.

  4. uhm Durga,

    Thank you and all the best to you :-)