Aishwarya Rao
I haven't been more occupied in life. Amidst protocol visits, lunch, coffee and dinner there have been other things that I have been upto.

Lest dining becomes a way of life, last Sunday, I hosted 'Saroja Samanikalo' an event jointly organized by Ascendas and The Tamil Nadu Hadicapped Federation. Apart from biggies like actor Vivek and Gangai Amaran, the crew of the recent super hit Tamil movie Chennai 600028 entertained the audience at the show.

On Monday, I caught up with some Japanese drumming at ' Classic Arpana 25', a fusion dance presentation made by the California 'Arpana Dance Company'. The classical Bharatha Natyam movements, with the LA based Japanese Buddhist group - Kinnara Taiko playing in the background was both creative and enjoyable.

'Maya Ravan', a theatrical recital; has by far been my most wisely spent evening. I loved Shobana's concept, choreography and direction. The sets were clean and artistic. The costumes were apt and Shobana as Kaikeyi, Soorpanakha and Ravan just enthralled the audience. Voices of Suhasini Maniratnam, Naseeruddin Shah and Revathi added grace to the ballet. Although I thought the presentation could have dealt more about the life of Ravan, instead of restricting itself to narating the Ramayan again. John Abraham was an added attraction of course!

Thanks to these three evenings I wouldn't be forced to describe my first week of being married as a rich dining experience!
6 Responses
  1. avronea Says:

    hosting saroja very appropriate :-P

    did i mention that me and a lil boy(who called me aunty!) hassled the poor dj at the reception trying to find the song :-D

    you made a gorgeous bride btw :-)

  2. Kavi Says:

    Seems to be quite an eclectic kick off..! I mean..married life !

    Congratulations once again !

  3. Nandhu Says:

    ah! finally somebody is back. that's great.

    sorry didnt show up at the wedding. had a busy day at office and just culd not get out. will try and catch up with you sometime soon.

    keep writing.

  4. Anonymous Says:

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  5. oye ....madame.. enna escape after marriage....btw inge eppo varai sollu...then i will make it to dallas...

  6. The Lad Says:

    Seems like a great kick start!!