Aishwarya Rao
I must be a blessed child.
I got to be at the preview show of Sivaji: The Boss at Albert theatre last night. It is an ummala gumm feeling. An experience of a lifetime to watch a preview of a Rajni movie amidst unprecedented fan hysteria.
4 Responses
  1. Dinesh T.U. Says:

    superrrr ! nothing cane be better than albert and the local theatres .... witnessed the paal abhishekam for god ?

    // Ummala gumm ???? //
    adi paavi, ivalo galeeja pesara ?

  2. avronea Says:

    sweetheart...can you post on this

  3. Girish Says:

    ummala gumma ROFL.
    paavi paavi!
    aathuku aniku vandhirukarche amma munnaadi "Daavu" "Vatha" ipdilaam pesariye.
    engamma psyche aayirpaa for sure!

  4. King Vishy Says:


    I thought u had meant somethin else by "ummala gumm".. but the comments enlightened me..

    This is a revelation! :D