Aishwarya Rao
The wedding bells are making me turn blue.
They say a marriage will open many doors and shut a few. The big day is round the corner and I cannot believe I have just 3 more days to be the care-free, indulgent, single-girl!!!
God is in heaven and all must be well with soon-to-be-brides.
Aishwarya Rao
I must be a blessed child.
I got to be at the preview show of Sivaji: The Boss at Albert theatre last night. It is an ummala gumm feeling. An experience of a lifetime to watch a preview of a Rajni movie amidst unprecedented fan hysteria.
Aishwarya Rao
Make a visit to the science lab in the much esteemed Padma Seshadri School in K.K.Nagar, Chennai and you will see a petite lady with eager brown eyes and a perfectly clad cotton saree, probably going through a student's record. You cannot miss her small frame, the way she wears her reading glasses around her neck and endlessly searches for the pens she keeps losing. Sitting there by herself, she carries a dignity that gently commands respect.

She is one of those few teachers who could pull you by the ear and yet make you feel not-so-bad about it. P.Ds child-like yet crisp voice will make a mockery out your slip yet affectionately tap you to impress her. She has a tendency to stress on the 'n's and 't's and 's's and not a student not enjoys imitating her articulation. As a 'Karuna' club activist she exemplifies an incredible compassion towards animals and effortlessly tells her children to live in a better world.

The sessions in the football ground, her high-pitched dictations and her elegant 'P.D' signature on the notebooks are now only memories that will live forever. I, at this moment, am only upset that I wont get another chance to tell her how she has touched my life with her genuine love for people and her generous compliments for my biology diagrams. I wish I had visited the lab a couple of weeks ago. I wish I had told her what a truly amazing person she is. I pray that her students never forget the lessons she taught. May she be the prettiest angel in heaven.