Aishwarya Rao

Sometimes the abuse history makes a person incredibly driven and that ambition allows them to achieve a great deal. But underneath the success lies a very different picture. It represents a stark imbalance in life. And at some point that imbalance can bring everything else crashing down.

- Simple Genius, David Baldacci, Hardcover, April 2007

3 Responses
  1. navin Says:

    "Sometimes" says it all. Abuse history can drive a person to great achievements. It is conveniently left out in the other sentence. "Sometimes" is when the imbalance occurs and "Sometimes" is when it makes everything else come crashing down.

    Humans are more resilient though written otherwise...

    just my 2 cents

  2. Ajan Says:

    Thats there true..

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  3. Srinix Says:

    Its a kind of naked truth in your blog. Just loved the way you write them.

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