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After premium brands, Wills Lifestyle, Satya Paul, UCB, Ft, Man Mandir, Beyond Luxury, CANARY BLUE is the next fashion label to hit Khader Nawaz Khan Road in Chennai.
This Sunday, CANARY BLUE was simultaneously launched in New Delhi (4 showrooms), Mumbai (one), Ahmedabad (two) and Chennai (single compact boutique).

From printed cotton shirts, embroidered jackets for women to ethnic accessories, the place has a compact and interesting collection. Says its sourcing head Sudhakar (who has over 2 decades of experience in the fashion export business) ,“Product is our strength. We have some unique designs in easy-to-use fabric."

Falling into the premium category, the brand aspires to remain fresh and fashionable at all times. Reflecting its values, the interiors are minimal and appealing.
Do check this place out or you can wait for it to open next to your home, considering the owners plan to open another 100 showrooms in the next 3 years.
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  1. Gayathri Says:

    bossini has opened next to naidu hall!

  2. atma Says:

    nice post:)

  3. Shruti Says:

    Nice post, just wanna have some detail abt canary but the site is too much time to open..will check later..

    Take care..

  4. Dhivya Says: have you checked it..out?

  5. Sathyaraj Says:

    u seem to be writing quite a bit on retailing...what do u do?? i work for a retail firm in check out my blog at

  6. vEnkAtraMan Says:

    Chennai is fast becoming very active in terms fashion and night life... with good infrastructure and excellant roads , am sure chennai will be an excellant example for other states

  7. Shailesh Says:

    Came to your blog after a long time.

    I'm in Chennai now, so can relate better with the stuff you post.

    - Shailesh aka The-Ignorant

  8. Ajan Says:

    Check that out..Vintage ads of coca cola!

  9. radhika Says:

    nice post, very informative

  10. Thanks Radhika. Hope you get to check out the place!

  11. akram Says: