Aishwarya Rao
I consider myself reasonably net savvy and given the fact that I have developed a recent obsession for finding the meanings of words I come across, I was rather stunned to discover SPAM meant

'Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages'!!!
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  1. Mark Isuak Says:


  2. Axshully, that's a bakronym. (Retro-fitted acronym)

    Spam stood for Spiced Ham and was the only food available in WW2 Britain.
    After war, there was so much spiced ham floating around, Monty Python did a sketch called SPAM - which basically went "Spam spam spam" or some such.

    That is the story, and I am sticking to it.

  3. Kau,

    I thought really until Chandrachood clarified!

  4. C,

    Bakronym it seems to be!!

    Thanks mate!

  5. Sagaro Says:

    Bakronym stands for Bakra on Nymph... :P

    Wogay, I am drunk and pointlessly jobless.. so consider not killing me for this...

    BTW, does Saar read your blog?

  6. sagaro,

    who the hell is this saar da?

  7. wow - this spam information is interesting

  8. Abru Says:

    I too believed you... Now when I hear Chandrachoodan, I got more confused...

  9. Twisted DNA Says:

    Also recently the US company that makes Spam (as in Spiced Ham) filed a suit requesting to stop using its product name to represent unwanted things. I don't think they won.

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  12. Vachaspati Rao Says:

    if I don't have a blogger/blogspot account (I know for a fact that I don't), how then, in all the worlds, and where from, is it picking my name up?
    And I don't have anything to say 'bout SPAM except that I'd known only about its 'manager' abbrv much in the wrongly assumed ADIDAS way...the Monty Python explanatn sounds credible!

  13. Speaking of spam, you already have two SPAM comments. How fitting.

    BTW, I've come up with another acronym/bakra-somesh*t for SPAM - Seldom Perused Anonymous Mails/Messages.


    - Ashok, Chennai's Own Thrill Hunter