Aishwarya Rao
Today, a window display has become almost as important as advertising or marketing itself. It is less about putting mannequins at the frontage and more about communicating what the shop offers or what the brand stands for. In Chennai, I have seen brands like Globus do eye-catchy and appealing windows regularly.

Speaking of windows and interiors, I also love what Barista has done for its interiors off late. There is an unspoken class in its simplicity and new color.
The shadow that is naturally formed on many of its seating is rather appealing (although this might not be deliberate).
Can ya guys think of other interesting windows in the city?
5 Responses
  1. Gayathri Says:

    U take amazing pics lady :)
    and i was just reminded of the worst window/entrance displays in Chennai. It has to be Naidu Hall:)

  2. Suresh Says:

    heii thts Coffee day at cenatoph road rite?!! :)


  3. Gayathri Says:

    i think its Barista at GN Chetty road

  4. arun Says:

    The simplest and yet most attractive displays are those created by pedlars and road side vendors...i think they are awesome at using resources to the maximum and can show very keen creative license. I am a newbie blogger and would appreciate it if you could teach me how to customise my blog without using standard templates. u can view my blog at, my email id is

  5. No Gayathri,

    Beg to differ with you on that! It is Nalli 100. Terrible is not the word! Sick paintings and cheap cloth on the windows. They are supposed to be selling pattu sarees!!!