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The explanations for the things we do in life are many and complex. Supposedly mature adults should live by logic, listen to their reason, think things out before they act...For little things in life we should, of course, react according to our reason. But for really big decisions, we should heed what our unconscious tells us.

- 301 Oliver's Story - Erich Segal

Aishwarya Rao
Today, a window display has become almost as important as advertising or marketing itself. It is less about putting mannequins at the frontage and more about communicating what the shop offers or what the brand stands for. In Chennai, I have seen brands like Globus do eye-catchy and appealing windows regularly.

Speaking of windows and interiors, I also love what Barista has done for its interiors off late. There is an unspoken class in its simplicity and new color.
The shadow that is naturally formed on many of its seating is rather appealing (although this might not be deliberate).
Can ya guys think of other interesting windows in the city?
Aishwarya Rao
Marks & Spencer a British retail giant and one of the most widely recognized chain stores in the World was recently in news for the wrong reason. A member of the European Parliament Robert Kilroy – Silk had accused M&S of using “distorting” mirrors in its changing rooms. According to Kilroy the mirrors were either deliberately tilted or angled to make women look slimmer. Kilroy accused the store of misleading women with their mirrors that made them look slimmer in its clothes. M&S on the other hand has denied the allegation, insisting that it used normal and standard mirrors.

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Not considering the reputation of this international brand at the moment, it comes as a surprise that a retailer has been accused of misleading the customer.For what is emerging is an elitist view; called the art and science of retailing. From color cues to flattering lightning our showrooms have done it all. For instance, Lifestyle, India’s leading retail chain opened the country’s largest retail store in Chennai last year. The 75,000 sq ft of shopping space was scientifically divided into 3 distinct zones to make shopping comfortable and enjoyable. Floors were color coded to attract relevant sex to a particular zone.
Walls have been built between large spaces to create pockets of interest...
said Kabir Lumba, president, Buying and Merchandising, Lifestyle International at a press event.

But I guess, at a time when we are still tackling development issues in retail, we will accept these ‘scientific moves’ in style. A slimmer reflection is not such a bad idea after all!