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In a city like Chennai, the message on a hoarding is almost the primary means of communication. And with the proliferation of hoardings from 2000 in 2001 to 3500 last year, marketers seem to be having a ball of a time. Yet when one lives in a city which is true-to-its-name -' the city of hoardings', there is very little awe on seeing the skin of the sky-line change. Amidst screaming colors and repulsive messages, hoardings like these are the only saving grace!

Hutch Valentine Outdoor, Cenotaph Road

Koblerr, T.T.K Road

Apart from the above, I can recollect the Fitness One Get Into shape outdoor and the RMKV girl on a swing hoarding.You guys seen anything interesting across the city's landscape??
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  1. Kaps Says:

    Hoardings definitely add colour to the city. Who can forget the Glassnost ads of the past:

  2. Gayathri Says:


  3. harish Says:

    leave the city...take any decent road that connects any 2 tier II cities in TN.( the best example is the seerkaazi kumbakonam stretch).You get to see a very interesting hoarding culture completelty different from the city -
    Hoardings are local market centric and carry native brands in native language.
    Have to mention about the banners and temproary hoardings carrying your favorite polititian.
    Make a visit and I am sure you will enjoy the ad world in rural India.

  4. the hutch guys worked for three days on that cenotaph road thingy, and by valentines, half the ballons had gone :D

  5. Rajesh Says:

    :) - nice.

    I much prefer my city without them though :)- hide my trees. They are making a silent comeback again though (were banned in Delhi a few years ago).

  6. avronea Says:

    di, how di you manage this much organisation on a page? i need help :-( MUST check comments on ami's! tis getting...uh hem...interesting :-P

  7. Ashwin Says:

    Hi! aishwarya how do you do?
    I am ashwinsharma from India.
    Your blog is very nice

  8. Nandhu Says:

    thanks for the link, ash. u have now linked to the only genius on ur blogroll.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    check out the Sri Lankan Airlines Sign board near SIET college good one....

  10. Arry Potter Says:

    nice blog

  11. Ajan Says:
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  12. Ajan Says:

    hey,nice one again! hmm...lets c,guess hutch is all getting pink pink over the city(valentines day is a exception o'course)
    check this site has nearly all the hoardings of Amul.. Waiting for this blog......

  13. Ed Vis Says:


  14. Hi harish,

    I am sure there is plenty that rural india can offer. But I guess such brand building exercises still happen in the city! I am talking of a more mature and up-market audience here! Rural India will be a kaleidescope for sure!

  15. Kau,

    Gathered that it is their innovation site. Awards ku ne pannranga, smart passanga!!