Aishwarya Rao
Seen this 'show-stopper' piece of communication in Pondy Bazar recently?

No we are not discussing the incidental media innovation (notice the natural tree top) here. After color changing saree, pocket saree, it's now turn for a Denim Silk Saree.
Sri Kumaran Stores, once a leading name in the garments business now seems desperate for market share. So out comes thinking caps (or is it cowboy hats) and innovation for the sake of it. In contrast to the appealing RMKV's 50,000 color/ reversible saree, the concept as well as communication is a mild put off!
29 Responses
  1. Vidya Says:

    Trust you give us the latest in the world of ads... kalli gaalam agidithu..!! Denim sarees??!! My my.. :)

  2. T.U.Dinesh Says:

    and the tag line is equally awful

    people spit at the saree with pocket ad, but seeing this they'll feel saree with pocket is much much better

    whats next - may be a detachable saree ... unzip it and it becomes a mini skirt

  3. Unknown Says:

    Saree looks Worshhhhhhht!

    Namba oor mamis will never even think of wearing this!

    Kumaran, go fish!

  4. LKS,

    Also suitable for elders nu solli, namba ooru mami's a asinga paduthitan!!!

  5. Dinesh,

    Good one. I was wondering how anyone a little fat or a little too thin managed the pocket saree.. These guys have gone berserk!

  6. Vidya,

    Kallikallathin Uchakattam!! Have u seen the latest aaha fm ads?!!

  7. T.U.Dinesh Says:

    a little thin or fat ... gosh

    but its an advantage for fat people, the pocket would get placed like a jean's back pocket ... a saree as cool as jeans !!!

  8. Vasanth Says:

    Next enna denim veeshtiyaa ?? ivunungalukku veraa veela illa....

    Unnakum illa polairruku ;)

  9. Vasanth,
    Noooooooooooooooo Dont give them ideas! Pleasee!!!

  10. Shree Says:

    the bestest part is what is the connection between the ad scenario to the elders tag to the belt of course.... dumbest!

  11. wooooooooooooooooooooosh

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Saw this ad 2 days ago and was just wondering what would a foreigner think on seeing this ad. lol... see you at wikicamp

  13. REFLEX Says:

    Is that the traditional silk saree's market is so down that these guys hav to spoil the tradition itself. Howz the market of silk sarees !!!.

  14. Satish Bhat Says:

    Have you seen the aside on the hoarding ? It says " suited for elders also " . Cant wait to meet the nut who handles their marketing...

  15. Vidya Says:

    Its a big no no... utter vulgarity..!! Even if I wanna think straight.. damn them!!!

  16. Anonymous Says:

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  17. Anonymous Says:

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  18. Anonymous Says:

    Nice blog. I have quoted you in my blog entry here.

  19. Nandhu Says:

    i missed this ad. nice of u to feature it here. :)

  20. Anonymous Says:

    Do you guys always have to say somthing bad? don't you guys know how to welcome new ideas? Well... I think Denim Saree is a good idea.. since its so cold in winter time in Canada.. tamil people here avoid wearing saree.. now they have it in denim I hope it will be suitable to wear it.. hopefully its warm enough.. I saw the ad in the magazine.. and i'm ordering one from india to here...

  21. Anonymous Says:

    @ anon ....

    i wonder how u ll feel when u wrap urself with denim ... and take a closer look to see the texture of this denim .... its a cheap one

    @ aishwarya

    now its out on besant nagar .... rite in front of the beach .... tch tch ... pitying the beach goers

  22. Unknown Says:

    what a hopeless concept! Denim saree it

    and i guess the natural tree top was more of a coincidence.

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  24. sharmila Says:

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  25. Unknown Says:

    & this is catedral road..

  26. Unknown Says:

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  27. sharanya Says:

    Sigh... you've made me miss Chennai.

    The billboards invariably either leave me embarassed or furious!

  28. Anonymous Says:

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