Aishwarya Rao

Barista might be wanting to brew a fresh look, but this is slightly overdoing it. If they are planning to give a premium lounge look and feel to their outlets, why do something as shoddy as this?
5 Responses
  1. Barista screwed it up .my first date became my last one :((

  2. avronea Says:

    what the???!!!

  3. Sheks Says:

    Looks like some kind of a night club.

  4. Whizkid Says:

    Barista is Chennai (atleast the one on gn chetty) is very spacious and can accomodate more people than most of the barista outlets here in blr. Tat too, lesser numbers turn up these outlets in chennai and that means u can hang on to a table for hours together with just a cup of coffee and there will no request to vacate the table..Tats unimaginable in Blr !! As for the ambience, it does look as bad as a saravana stores :)

  5. psg Says:

    errr...would you like to make the friendship with me? my asl = 28/m/bangalore...
    i have cat, a computer, a mobile fone, 1 bike and only 1 car...