Aishwarya Rao
Continuing the discusion on identical brands, here are three sets of very similar logos that come to my mind. What irks is the fact that they belong to the same product category! I am confident there are quite a few prominent ones over there which I am missing out. Drop a line and let me know!

Lacoste, a French apparel brand was founded in 1933. Crocodile International in 1947. legal battle concerning the infringement of the Lacoste trademark by Crocodile International is still pending. In the meanwhile, in 2004, a Shangai court decreed that Lacoste had violated CI's trademark. The battles continue.
Honda, a Japanese motor company established in 1948. Hyudai, Korea's largest car maker was founded in 1967. Whats with the H? Really!

Audi, a German automobile manufacturer since 1964. Before, Audi merged with Horch, DKW and Wanderer to form Auto Union in 1932, Auto Union had used the four interlinked rings that to represent the four brands.
Technical Olympic is a group in Greece with diverse operations ranging from construction, tourism, wind energy, to wine. Its parent company, Pelops was founded in 1965 and it became Technical Olympic in 1981. You cant miss the pattern of the rings! Although they dont belong to the same category, theres an unmistakable similarity.
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  1. sagaro Says:

    Whats with the H? Well both the company's names start with 'H' and so it is not unusual to find a H in their logo... And the logo's don't even look the same... unless and until you temme that H can be written like Q...

  2. Gapp, Both are H with a rim. Oru H konnindiruku avolodhan. They might not be confusinglt similar, but certainly one of them wasnt original enough!

  3. Juggernought Says:

    These are common brands!I'm surprised I haven't noticed them before.

    And,I can finally comment on your blog!


  4. daewoo and the old tata motors, ferrari and porsche, i can think of a lot more......

  5. Kaushik,
    Aiyooo I cant remember the old Tata Motors logo..but Ferrari and Porsche - Ofcourse, Ofcourse! Acura and Mercedez...Man you think it could be something to do with automobile guys and their grand creativity?

  6. Hamsini!
    Exactly my point! Like Kaushik pointed out there are so many out there and its almost subliminal if you could call it that!
    And babe, Hamsini as in my junior from school?

  7. Juggernought Says:

    Hamsini,as in formerly


  8. sagaro Says:

    Ah to think of it... one more to the list: Sagaro and Google. :P

    Oh! pliss ... get rid of this only bloggers can comment thingy. Its irritating...

  9. Hamdamn!
    why formerly?

  10. Gapp, Got rid of it!
    And hey i was thinking of Sagaro and Dhanya.Muhaha

  11. @ ash:
    lmao, on sagaro and dhanya :)
    and regarding the automobile guys, the similarity tdoes not end with logos alone, it goes ass deep as the engine design et al, only all of them have different names..

  12. Ajan Says:

    thats some nice observation.... wat abt toyota and tata..both have the same sort of symbol...

    p.s-check my blog,mite interest u

  13. Sagaro Says:

    Finally, I get to comment without some proxy url. Good good!

    "Sagaro and Dhanya" thats the face and not the logo. Er... to think of it not even the face. It was a bloody rumor that you propagated across the blogging world. I was hoping it would die down... damn! Stop reviving it.

    Muditu po. Someday she will kalaichify you also... so don't jump up and down in excitement :P

  14. Sheks Says:

    Tata and Toyota.

  15. Navin Ramakrishnan Says:

    Seriously now, I am positive when Aishwarya Rai and Aishwarya Rao sign an autograph, the similarities might be striking. :) but hey, what matters is the personality behind the signature. Both might tilt the A to varying degrees (oomph factor or otherwise) but dignitaries they are and I cant think of one person who can survive another living day if they claimed Rao was impersonating Rai.... enna naan sollaradhu seriya?

  16. vikrem Says:

    hello aishwarya, i hav always wondered the H symbol, how can they allow this!
    but hyundai has a slanted H, but very difficult to identify


  17. Nandhu Says:

    i remember being confused by crocodile and lacoste

  18. Take Indian brand. I remember the first time I got confused with similar logos. When the shopkeeper showed me SAPANA, i wondered what my mom asked me to buy. SABENA or SAPANA (dups)

  19. Ramya Says:

    Damn! I thought I was brilliant enough to come up with 2 more. People seem to have thought of it already !
    PSBBian? kkn?

  20. jammy Says:

    I would always get confused with these two logos...but it never stuck me that they could be fighting a battle to ese the confusion.

    BTW, The Lech Guard creative is awesome. Somehow that face seems to resemble mine.

  21. Karthik.H Says:

    most of these companies were created a long time ago...atleast 50 years ago...i guess the copyright laws weren't stringent enough and companies didn't hesitate to imitate the logos of other companies...

  22. KK,
    Just cant figure these automobile things..I dont care what the bledy engine is abt..I just wanna super sexy exterior and a handsome hunk to ride behind me ;-)

  23. Navin,
    Mottai, yenda kottare indha maadhiri!

  24. Karthik - Hey good point there..but I thought infringement laws have existed for over 60 years now.

  25. Arun Says:


    Kewl find.. we din notice it after all...