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What is common between Don, Casino Royale and Dhoom 2? Apart from hot, shexy men in lead roles, it is Sony Ericsson. Yeah baby, Sony it is. (Before you throw your hands up in the air and scream that Don tied up with Motorola, watch carefully and notice the Ericsson handset and listen to the Sony Ericsson ring tone strategically dropped in an unmistakable sequence!). With marketers constantly trying to place a finger on the best way to capture a TG's attention,product placements that blend with a movie's story-line has emerged as one of the most powerful medium of reaching the audience.

2006's latests Lage Raho Munna Bhai (World Space, Go Air), Don (Motorola Razr,Mercedez), Casino Royale (Heineken,Sonly,Ford, Virgin Atlantic), The Departed (Budweiser, Chevrolet, Motorola, CocaCola) and Dhoom 2 (Coca Cola) are not only a treat for product placement watchers but have also reinforced several brand names in the audience's mind. And considering gadgets like mobile phones and laptops fit naturally in these movies, the audience have been thankfully saved of some on-the-face 'unwieldy' brand appearances.
However, as brands start integrating themselves with story lines and product placements get standardised, it is important that marketers avoid critical faux pas.A movie fanatic with an observant eye, a friend of mine noticed a Pepsi bottle on Abishek Bachans kitchen table in Dhoom 2. A sony ericsson ring tone when Motorazr pays through its nose to be associated with Don!
Yet for international brands, these integrations is one of the most effective ways to reach out to global audience without being too scrag about it. Call them advertainment, brand integration, product placement, the covert advertisment is the hottest kid on the block and a brands next bet to return on inverstment! Guys, any Indian agencies that provide movie-integration services as yet? Drop a line and we will place Navaratha Thel on Yash Chopra's head!
5 Responses
  1. Vasanth Says:

    Castrol spent a bomb on this shit movie "golmal" ... the entire song branded with Castrol in the bombay marine drive road with arshad and gang of out of focus....not even half our executives would have seen the movie despite free tickets !!!!

  2. Girish Says:

    and i did a sort of critique on the communication campaign of Rang De Basanti, where Coke and RDB tied up, but there was no actual in-film product placement at all... (yay! i finally got around to posting a meaningful comment with some 'business' sense to it!!!)

  3. Vasanth,
    I havent watched the movie, so I am not sure if I can comment on that...but I guess it is crucial that the brands logo/pack shot is actually seen on screen. Whats the point of placing a brand if the audience cant even notice its presence.

  4. G?
    Apdiyana? Thought Amir and gang sat with those bottles in the initial scenes? Dont remember exactly though...Btw I heard Sakthi Masala was placed in Vettayadu Vilayadu. Is that true?