Aishwarya Rao
"One of man's advatages over the lower animals is that he is the most imitative creature in the world"- Aristotle

It seems like copycat tendencies are not restricted to chick lit authors who are unconscious that they are plagiarizing. Look at how INTIMATE has imitated Herbal Essences.

I am amazed by the pains they have taken to be so sincere and perfect about the whole act of being identical or confusingly similar to competition. Rather uninspiring strategy to adopt. It is different from imitating the strategies of a market leader or even following the competitor in which case the company is at least trying to imitate success. This is simply cheap-jack behavior.

Herbal Essences must initiate legal proceedings against this guy. Imitation might be inherent to human nature, but infringement is certainly actionable.
Sadly, at the end of the day what rules is caveat emptor! Of course.

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  1. Girish Says:
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  2. Girish Says:

    i guess its just that the copying company have a typo in their name...
    and looks like u spotted it right ;)

  3. onnum puriyala? now what great difference does it make after all its a shampoo

  4. G,
    I went to the HE shelf and picked up this Intimate shit. I was in such a hurry that I noticed it only when they were billing me for it. Confusingly similar is what the trademarke infringement laws call it!

  5. Kaushik,
    Brand piracy, copycats, counterfeiting, impersonation, infringement, misrepresentation are all illegal whether its a shampoo or a safety pin.

  6. Gayathri Says:

    Something similar to the crocodile brand and Lacoste!

  7. Dhivya Says:

    hey how many times have we think we see adidas only if u closely observe u realise its adibas..!!! alarmingly similar

  8. Gayathri,
    Yepp! Dats another example. While, it might be just the 'animal' factor I guess we often tend to internalize and confuse both the brands. But have you seen the disgusting ads Crocodile International does? A crocodile likes to make the first move/likes to bite or some shit like dat! yuck!!!

  9. agreed!! did u do an mba by any chance ? :P

  10. Kaushik,
    Why start another Sagaro story here? Free ya vidu!