Aishwarya Rao

Last Thursday I blew what was left of my last salary on an identical hot-shot-GIORDANO corporate bag. On Saturday morning when I noticed that the leather skin had peeled at the straps, I rushed to their outlet with a puppy face and the copy of the bill. The very adequately trained staff explained that they would certainly do something about it. On Sunday afternoon, they called to say that I could visit their store and choose any replacement. When I walked in, they welcomed me with a smile and took me to their storeroom. The staff apologized about the inconvenience and explained that the company had decided to remove the entire line from display until the problem was solved. They didn’t want any other customer to face a similar problem. Jeez, was I stunned or was I stunned?

In Symbi, 'Customer Delight' was worse than profanity. It figured in every inane PowerPoint presentation and was the ultimate word to use in a marketing classroom discussion. Of course the term is not reserved for classroom discussions, with every press release and brand story using it like a preposition. Although today, almost every marketer claims that his focus his 'customer delight', very few live up to it. When was the last time a low cost airline lived up to its reputation for providing speedy and reliable air services? When was the last time India's second largest bank's customer care actually cared for the customer? A brand doesn't need an Aamir Khan or a Tulsi Irani to take you around a plant and endorse the safety of the drink. In my opinion what it needs is to live up to its values. This will naturally resound in its equity.

An international apparel brand, Giordano with a mission of making people "feel good" & "look great" has proved that words like corporate vision, mission and customer delight are more than marketing balderdash! At a time when Customer is the Queen, Giordano has truly stolen my heart!

10 Responses
  1. sagaro Says:

    you missed Radhika :P

  2. Hmm yes. While Aamir has been endorsing the brand, Radhika looks so phony in the ad. I watched this episode on 'Koffee with Anu' where she said her family follows a strict diet regime. Why exactly she appears in that ad then beats me!

  3. Hemamalini Says:

    It is unbelievable, but this has made me consider Giordano for my next bag!:)

  4. Babe,
    Remember the ad "Preethi Mixie - Nan guarantee". Thats what I feel like saying. I have read that handling customer complaints and providing adequate after sales support is fundamental is customer relationship management...but as my friend said, never knew they could make brand champions out of their customers!

  5. Rajesh Says:

    Nice- someone who understands the concept is not that of a 'loyal customer' but about being loyal to the customer.

  6. Ashwin Says:

    Guess what..some similar happened to..a few days back i got myself the Adidas sweat shirt...this guy was actually torn!i went to lifestyle and had to yell and make them understand that i am paying the EXTRA money for the QUALITY.there is a reason y they have the factory outlet.i made a fuss about them doing this in India and if this were the US the customer wud have claimed a four figure compensation...finally he got the point and he asked me wat i wanted.The ball was in my court(i thought) and asked for an apology letter from Adidas(woth gift vouchers, of course).He quickly agreed..BUT i have still not any correspondence!!!I AM PISSED!!

  7. Absolutely Rajesh!
    I might not even pick up another bag from there for a long time, but I will certainly vouch for the quality and service of the brand.

  8. Ashwin,
    I am tempted to say - your concept in life is "Against all odds" isnt it? ;-) But in my opinion you must have demanded a replacement then and there. If your very particular about the apology letter, you must write to Adidas though.

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