Aishwarya Rao
Tamil small screen has a skewed idea about reality tv. To the content team at these huge media houses, 'reality' ironically implies successfully influencing the lady at home to weep along with the troubled heroine of Nimmadhi (peace), Sorgam (Heaven) or Anandham (Happiness).

The only compensation is that the once content starved viewer(remember the times we naakka chottufied for Friday's Oliyum Olium) has come a long way.

But at a time when Sun Network, South India's media machan is smiling at the sky-rocketing TRPs of its soaps and film based programmes, Star Vijay is standing up blodly and offering some refreshing moments to the oh-the-soap-killed-me tamil tv fanatic. While Star Vijay's concepts are not particularly ingenious (with most of their weekend programming borrowed from Star's successful ventures) , in my opinion, the execution of some innovative, non-soap content is presently the saving grace for tamil small screen ventures. If the latest rage in the country is reality tv, Vijay TV is riding high on the wave, not restricitng itself to inane money-hunting game shows.

Both Airtel Super Singer (Namma Ooru Indian Idol ) and Garnier Jodi No:1 (Nach Baliye 2 is on! Namba ippothaan 1 la irukkum!!) are thourougly developed talent hunts. Both shows have managed to showcase the drama, emotions, humor, devotion of ordinary people in the most appealing way. The extraordinary charm of 'ordinary' people has done the trick for Vijay TV.

Q3Jeyyam Grandmaster is probably not tamizhanin hot favourite, but the 'Reverse Quiz' is a striking contrast to the how-to-pick-gold-coins contests running on every other channel! The programme with ith its combination of the 'ordinary' and the intellect, is almost as interesting as RMKV's reversible saree.

Falling under the genre of celebrity reality is the local twin of Koffee with Karan. With a makeover from Nescafe Koffee with Suchi to Alive! Koffee with Anu, the show has managed to introduce a warm flavour to tamil celebrity chat shows. ..A rather disappointing duplicate The Great Indian Laughter Challenege is Hutch Kalakkapovadhu Yaaru, but atleast Vijay TV is making an effort to move away from the Manaivi (Wife), Kanavurukaaga (For the husband), Penn (Woman) of the world. Authoratative research reveals that everyone's watching Nimmadhi (peace) in Sorgam (heaven), but now Vijay seems to taking the bull by the horns and asking Neeya, Naana? Kalakkapovadhu Yaaru?!