Aishwarya Rao
I have been feeling disturbed for a while now. When i recount the days happenings to mum every evening she says " you must vent your anger creatively". Here goes the reason for my silence in the past 3 weeks.

Oh! 'the-greatest-loser-around'
You want to be my friend. I want to hide under the table.
You want to look at my watch. I know you are getting touchy.
You kneel to look at my computer screen. You think it is getting sexy. I think your armpits stink.
You want my comments on your dressing sense. A)I am not a fashion diva. B) It is stupid!
You want to know me better. I wish I had never known you in the first place.
You think I look great in red. I want to give you a tight slap and see your face turn red.
You think you are attractive. I think you are wrong.
You give me the creeps when you mention 'informal interactions'.
You stare indecently. I can see it.
You inner thighs itch the moment i walk in. I can almost see it.
You are lewd. I just realized.

Arrrrrgggh! I admit. I admit. Being a woman in a corporate world is difficult. All for the wrong reasons. (*folds fist. bites lips. is pissed*)
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  1. sagaro Says:

    ethu squirrel a target panuru mathri iruku...:P

  2. Lol. That was not the intention. Avonoda typesnu vechiko. Seri help me shift to wordpress.

  3. sagaro Says:

    1) go to
    2) register there
    3) check ur email for password
    4) login and then change ur password in the users page
    5) change ur template to a much cooler one.
    6) Then go to options - > import
    7) click blogger and supply ur blogspot user name and password. Rest WP will take care. It will move ur posts and contents...
    8) Then get back to blogger and post the redirection code in ur blogspot template. so you don't lose traffic.

    Hehe about the "Avonoda types". I gather ur dabba laptop is back to working conditions :P

  4. avronea Says:

    corporate world, media wprld. local tea kadai just the world di! let's work on exterminating them!

  5. G'man Says:

    A look at the different end of the spectrum :

    On an average day I see one are two women at my 'work' place.. Half of them are old with kids, or young and attractive, but married. I am a grad student.

    On my most enthu day, I wear a clean pair of jeans and shirt.. Whether I wear crinkled dirty pants or clean ones, I know for sure no one gives a damn.. If my clothes get a li'l stinky, my fellow (male) officemates might crib. :-)

    Sometimes I really wish some woman would care to look at me and make me feel like I existed.. For a while I think I would be flattered to be in your shoes (except for the annoyin part). This is mans world.. Not very good either!


  6. ??? Says:

    Utter madness!! Aint it... how come we grow outta our lil shell, thinking its a better world outside and THEN we realise out there....they're in masses!! :)

  7. Nalla idea Ranji,

    But there must be a way to get around..Who wants to lose the free coffees anyway ;)

  8. Yup Vidya...How ironic college we were dreaming(dying)to be a part of the corporate world..and then the bubble went phutak!!!

  9. Gman - Now cmon this is not exactly the other side of the spectrum... This is just the side(e) admitting that it craves for attention blah blah..
    Cmon, we know you exist but sometimes your neat shirt makes no difference to us...

    so all I am saying is dont go overboard and ask me everymorning if I like your shirt...I give a damn!!

  10. ??? Says:

    :) Ore kurangu kootam I say, pure barbarians!! Anyhow...shove it off with the act of a middle finger!!

  11. Gayathri Says:

  12. Ananth Says:

    I have no clue abt the workplace dynamics as experienced by a woman in India - is it this bad?
    If a co-worker that you kinda like (say a Greek god or whatever your type is) decides to get pally, would you be ok with it?!

  13. pravin Says:

    boss has the hots for you? aww :P

  14. Girish Says:

    paavam A.. whoever he is.
    edhukku setha paamba adikkara?
    edho paakkaraan. birth right illiyaa adhu? :))
    ozhinju pordhu-nu vittuden!

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  16. Ajju Says:

    hmmm!!! i'm half a mind,agree with you and disagree with you...
    but it also depends upon how you stand up to those assholes.... i have a frnd who doesnt even mind to hit a man at his "you kno where"..shes backed up by none,but has nice gals all around her...

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