Aishwarya Rao

PS: Read previous post to understand author's inspiration.
PPS: The image above is an original work of this author. I have borrowed the man's face from Getty. Any resemblance to any co-worker is bloody intentional.
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  1. Sheks Says:

    Eve teasing case-la book panni ulla thallunga.If that doesnt work out,book them under Goondas act.

  2. J Hyde Says:

    Just curious... why discontinue on getting married!?

    Amazing idea though... are you planning to patent it in the near future!?

    On a more serious note... me thinks all this friction between the sexes is all caused by the imbalance we have in our society.

    First... there are more men out there than women... when nature suggest just the opposite.

    Second... an offshoot of the first, men have been the preferred one of the two sexes for the better part of this century... and both men and women are to take an equal blame for this.

    How do we get out of this mess... I don't know... act proactively now... or wait for something so totally disastrous to happen to start afresh. This could even mean extinction of the whole race.

    Thats for it now,

    Thanks again for the blog entry

    J (yes... the same J who has also put a scrap on your orkut profile)

    PS::: I had to create a profile on blogger and a blog only to put a comment here... talk about bureacracy!!! grrr....

  3. Arm Pitt Says:

    When I first read your title - Silenced by Saliva, I thought it was gonna be about somethin else. Well, its always the Man's fault, isn't it?
    Btw, I enjoyed reading your blogs, especially the dappanguthu one! Good job!

  4. Hemamalini Says:

    I know exactly what you mean. We can't even Kick back in the form of Lech back. Only apply balm to soothe our selves:|

  5. Music Fan Says:

    interesting post.... and pretty creative too...

  6. Sheks,Goondas Act! How Appropriate!!!

  7. J, it is discontinue on getting married because...well..lets put it this way...why should one stop one's spouse from leching or drooling in private??

  8. Arm Pitt, Yeah is the man's fault. Probably not always. But certainly a majority of the times...

  9. Hema - Babe thats the inanity of things...
    He is a lech. I run away.
    He drools. I chicken out.
    He lives happily. I go mad designing lech balms!!
    Waaaaaahhhhhhh! How unfair?!!

  10. Dhivya Says:

    Damn funny...and sure is a creative way to vent your anger..:)

  11. shiva Says:

    There is lot of difference between venting anger and doing something to avoid being angry next time. We can change this society. Not just by changing ourselves. But changing the future generation too! Tell me, whose mother or father ever walked up to you and said 'Kanne, always respect woman...blah, blah...! Neither this problem can be solved by trying to curb the nature's dictum. A little bit of acceptance to the mechanism that defines attraction and love. In retrospective, a line of control is must. Neither male chauvinism nor feminism can ever become a solution. Yes, I agree woman have a tough time.

  12. Dreamer Says:

    I am sure, dharmendra sir wud be xtremely happy to see the artwork displayed.

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  13. People who begin to win are people who fight through plight.

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    The search has just begun !!!

  14. Karthik Says:

    Good one..pretty creative! Some women might need it after marraige too. :-)

  15. Nandhu Says:

    i c u still havent gotten over ur grouse yet.

  16. Manish Says:

    pertinent, apt,and yes very creatively expressed!
    you blog has fresh thinking!! cheers

  17. farustar Says:

    i like your blog :D

  18. Ajju Says:

    phew! uve got some grudge on those guys..hehehehe!!! i can feel ur anger here..

  19. Ajan Says:

    phew! uve got some grudge on those guys..hehehehe!!! i can feel ur anger here..