Aishwarya Rao
Just days after Coca Cola wrote to CSE offering support on establishing clear criteria for pesticides residues in soft drink,an official experts' committee has thrashed the CSE for using unscientifc testing methods and basing accusations on inconclusive results. - A classic example of how public relations and government lobbying can and will deliver.
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  1. Sheks Says:

    Unscientific!!!How can that be be?Testing of anything in a chemical laboratory using beakers and cookers is considered scientific.Enna kodumai idhu,aishwarya!

  2. shiva Says:

    This is quite a familiar sight. Nothing new about it.

    Hey, by the way, saw you on TV (chennai bloggers)! Now you seem to be a celebrity. Autograph please!

  3. Ram Prasadh Says:

    As long as the health minister is in power people will be unhealthy. No doubt about that. BTW,came across ur blog through various links. Nice posts. Keep on going

  4. Ram Says:

    You know, this would be funny if it wasn't such a serious issue. Tomorrow, the CSE and Sunita Narain will respond, then the Health Minister will say something. And after 4 days, everyone will lose track of who said what, Amitabh Bachan or Sachin will come for some new ads for both soft drinks and things will be back to where they were. This sucks. How hard is to say if samples have any banned substances in them or not?

    Its 2:30 AM and I have no idea how I ended up at your blog, but glad I did :). Congratulations on your graduation,and for getting the best student award [you're one of "them" are you huh? hehehehe]

    BTW, re: the whole male/female thing in your earlier post. Here's something that should whip up your anger and allow some release of your writing skills - an idiot Forbes article that I came across through Priya's blog.

    Be good, and nice writing.


  5. Hi Ram,

    You know what - PR aside, why does CSE target only multinationals. Why not HLL's drinks? Why not local drinks? Probably the PR is much deserved! What say?

  6. Shiva, oru statue katti maalai poda vendiyadhu dhaan..namma local style

  7. Hey RamPrasadh, Thanks for dropping by!

  8. shiva Says:

    Hold on, Hold on.

    Let me enlighten you before you engage yourself in writing, or for that matter of fact, add sattire to your replies. I do not understand Tamil proficiently. Well I could make out the meaning out of your confident reply, but if possible please do reply in English or Hindi. You see I am a NRT (Non resident tamilian)!



  9. Ram Says:

    You make a point Princess, why only MNC's indeed. I guess its a question of everyone trying to get a step over the other. In the end, consumers are the ones left bewildered and confused.

  10. awesome profile pic daa:)

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