Aishwarya Rao
For the first time ever I cried after watching 'football'. My heart went out to the Argentine players who apart from being favourites played a strong game with some battlish emotion in every kick. It is a misfortune that they met Germany at this stage and got eliminated in the most unfashionable manner, further adding to the hosts' confidence. It is a curse that the football's greatest teams be judged by a one man - one man penalty shoot out!
However, considering its a game, excuses like wrong decisions, home ground advantage etc; will not stop us from acknowldeging that last evenings' was one of the most fantastic matches in the recent past. Through most of the match, I felt like Sidney Sheldon heroine about to crack the mystery behind a gruesome murder "As she sat in the edge of her seat, her long elegant legs firmly placed next to eachother, she could hear her heart beat faster than ever...Her mind was racing..."
However much I try to console myself, I cant forget those images. If anything, yesterday's match has left behind some immortal memories! But i still wonder...Why did Arg's goalie suffer an injury mid air? Why didnt Lehmann suffer from temporary give-a-goal syndrome?
If God is in heaven how will all be well with the world?
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  1. True..It was an immortal match.. but I actually wanted the germans to win, coz those folks were down till the 80th minute..until Klose struck that divine header outta no where...

    I guess, the argentinian players missed 2 relatively easy kicks, the first lehmann save was pretty ok,considering that it was a bad kick on the ground that had no pace...

    Actually,another point to notice was the selection of lehman in controversial situations where Oliver Kahn was left in the Lurch.Jurgen Klinsman's talisman of selection is keeping him in good stead.

    Any way...some one has to lose, someone to win...the last time I really felt emotional was when Brazil beat Italy in the 94 WC,when I was a 7th standard kid, sobbing and mulling over the dissapointment of Roberto Baggio's missed Penalty that went above the goal.

    Good to see u watching the game...

    PS: When we left barista, u had said Brazil was playing Argentina...did u realize that..

  2. nickdigital Says:

    Yea agreed ... a memorable match it was ... usually i dont get time to peep in tv .. but this one kept me really hooked on ... And Yes i wanted Argentina to win ... As far as God is concerned .. i guess all will be well only if he stays in heaven not poking his nose in every damn thing compromising quality. neways i have no intentions to offend your belief in god but am an athiest.. a practical person ... lol ..

  3. Sheks Says:

    I'd been vouching for Germany right from day 1 when they beat Portugal 4-2.I knew that Arg. wouldnt have a chance against them.

  4. Well the Germans were playing at home. It was a great match though. I just hope that Germany can go and win it now.

  5. Spammer , onna comment ezhidha vitta, oru thesis e ezhudare...yeah did i say Brazil vs Argentina? Wanted them to land up @ the semifinals atleast! Its not fair, its not at all fair!!!And now England has gone. It is like a city level school culturals without PSBB, DAV and Vidyamandir... which school did you go to btw ;)

  6. Yeah Sheks, I admit that Germany played a strong game too..although Michael Ballack lazing around a bit during the extra time looked like they were desperately pushing for penalty shoot out...I will still maintain that it was a battle of the equals and God wasnt doing anything sitting in heaven.

  7. Kaju, No way! They cant have the double pleasure of hosting the match and winning it too!!

  8. Lol! Navin, Argentina, Brazil & England are out. God sure is there and sleeping?!!

  9. nickdigital Says:
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  10. nickdigital Says:

    yep .. jus after i posted a comment here .. i was switched on my tv n ... brazil, england all gone .. but the thrill, seems is lost .. now france has a chance of creating history .. lets wait n watch ..

  11. @ash
    It is like a city level school culturals without PSBB, DAV and Vidyamandir... which school did you go to btw ;)

    dude, DAV never attended culturals, change it to vanavani ;)

  12. nickdigital Says:

    hi princess,
    Germany or italy .. which one is your pick ??

  13. Life is ubfair and so is sport... Worse is France coming to semis...

    Forza Azurri !

    Random Access
    The search has just begun !!!

  14. nickdigital Says:

    lol .. france .. gone ...