Aishwarya Rao

No invitation this time. Happened to be there by accident. Caught him at the launch of Golden Stag, a book by Sivasundari Bose. Kamal didnt need an introduction - His sadhana over several decades is etched in the minds of three generations that will stand by its Punnagai Mannan even when he is on his Mumbai Express!

PS:I have heard that silence speaks volumes. Kamal's luminous presence & magnetism was a narration of the artiste's strength. And needless to say he was looking semma hot machi!
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  1. S Says:

    whoa!! :D

  2. sagaro Says:

    Damn cool...

  3. Doesnt seem so from the pic though..

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    The search has just begun !!!

  4. Raytracer Says:

    No autograph? :D

  5. magnetism , update!! animal magnetism

  6. Nandhu Says:

    dont tell me u like the way he looks still. he was good looking. no anymore.

  7. awesome!!

  8. nickdigital Says:

    impressive seek out...

  9. Deepak Says:

    cool one!!!!

  10. All you guys who said whoa! - whoa! he is. And to those of you who guess hes become old...I have nothing to say...@50+ Kamal is still the hottest Guy around!!!

  11. Ganesh S Says:

    nalla kundu adichu tanjavire bommai mari irukkan, you can this hot ...

  12. Girish Says:

    indha bloggers meet ellaam ippo dhaan paakkaren. visiting ur blog after quite a while i must say..
    enna vittutteLe ipdi.

  13. kamal is as hot as ever :D

  14. Anonymous Says:

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