Aishwarya Rao

No invitation this time. Happened to be there by accident. Caught him at the launch of Golden Stag, a book by Sivasundari Bose. Kamal didnt need an introduction - His sadhana over several decades is etched in the minds of three generations that will stand by its Punnagai Mannan even when he is on his Mumbai Express!

PS:I have heard that silence speaks volumes. Kamal's luminous presence & magnetism was a narration of the artiste's strength. And needless to say he was looking semma hot machi!
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Aishwarya Rao
I have been reading IBM’s Global CEO Study 2006 and I loved this particular quote
“Constant reinvention is the eternal necessity at GE…” – Jeffrey Immelt, Chairman & CEO, GE.
For a while now I have maintained that it’s an insatiable need for change that drives me…But negating my own concepts about life, I am sucker for rigid systems, rules and structures…yawn…I feel like the fly stuck inside my brain. if only I could figure where those ears are…
Aishwarya Rao
For the first time ever I cried after watching 'football'. My heart went out to the Argentine players who apart from being favourites played a strong game with some battlish emotion in every kick. It is a misfortune that they met Germany at this stage and got eliminated in the most unfashionable manner, further adding to the hosts' confidence. It is a curse that the football's greatest teams be judged by a one man - one man penalty shoot out!
However, considering its a game, excuses like wrong decisions, home ground advantage etc; will not stop us from acknowldeging that last evenings' was one of the most fantastic matches in the recent past. Through most of the match, I felt like Sidney Sheldon heroine about to crack the mystery behind a gruesome murder "As she sat in the edge of her seat, her long elegant legs firmly placed next to eachother, she could hear her heart beat faster than ever...Her mind was racing..."
However much I try to console myself, I cant forget those images. If anything, yesterday's match has left behind some immortal memories! But i still wonder...Why did Arg's goalie suffer an injury mid air? Why didnt Lehmann suffer from temporary give-a-goal syndrome?
If God is in heaven how will all be well with the world?